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Less than impressed with food writer from The Malaysian Insider on Restoran Sri Karak

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Less than impressed with food writer from The Malaysian Insider on Restoran Sri Karak

When we started food blogging donkey years ago, there were a group of very established food bloggers. Some of them are still around while some left the blogger sphere. As blogs were at the peak, there were many new food bloggers in the scene and many criticised we foodies as not well experienced as well as “don’t know what they are eating and writing”.

sri karak
Snapshot of the review from The Malaysian Insider.

The bashing of food bloggers is not a new thing. However, recently we came to a very interesting food story from The Malaysian Insider. The story is about Restoran Sri Karak and their review is at http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/food/article/less-than-impressed-at-restoran-sri-karak

To be fair, let us explain my relationship with the Restoran Sri Karak. We are friends of the owners of them and they are the third generation from Yik Kee Karak and also the same group of restaurants in TTDI (Taman Tun Dr Ismail), Gotong Raya and Karak.

We have tasted their food from time to time. Either it is cooked by the owner or by the chef. We can’t say it is really good but it is not bad at all. However, the review on the Malaysian Insider totally shocked us. Every single dish is condemned with negative reviews, is it really that bad?

sri karak malaysian insider
Negative and damaging reviews by the writer screenshot from The Malaysian Insider.


According to the owners of Sri Karak, the writer wasn’t happy with the pricing of the “Sang Har Noodle” as the prawn is too expensive for her. We are not sure whether the writer knows that the market price as Greenview is charging RM 200 per kg while Sri Karak is charging RM 130 per kg only.

sri karak sang har noodle
Sang har noodle from Sri Karak.

Furthermore, Tempoyak is a very delicate dish and we don’t dare to judge the taste of such dish as we are not very familiar with it. Again, the writer is confident enough to judge of the taste of this dish.

We spoke to a few established food writers and food bloggers in Malaysia and they were shocked to such review too. They are writers of a few newspapers and also similar websites or portals. They also felt that the review is very bias.

If the writer is unhappiness of the food pricing, we feel that such article is bias and irresponsible. Even, if the writer is unhappy with the food, she can always ask the restaurant for a change rather than posting such a damaging story to the restaurant.

We hope food writers can be more responsible in their writings and please do more research on the market price of the food before start to bash restaurants. Thus, we also hope established portals such as The Malaysian Insider to hire more experienced food writers for non-bias reviews.

You can read her review again at http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/food/article/less-than-impressed-at-restoran-sri-karak and see whether it is fair to write damaging stories like this to Sri Karak. We wonder did the senior editors screen through this story before they published it.

Restoran Sri Karak Address, Contact and Map:

(Corner lot)
17, Jalan 52/8, Section 52, Petaling Jaya, 46200, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, 46200, Malaysia
Tel: +60 3-7958 3240

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/RestoranSriKarak


0 thoughts on “Less than impressed with food writer from The Malaysian Insider on Restoran Sri Karak

  1. Good post! I’ve read the article on Malaysian Insider and well although people may say one man’s treasure maybe another man’s trash but the review was definitely not written in a professional manner. Degrading the food to the lowest level and gives a very negative impression on the restaurant. Plus if the writer has been judging the restaurant based on the pricing I must say it is very irresponsible and unprofessional especially since the article will be published in Malaysian Insider. Although the writer may not have enjoyed the meal, it would be better if it was voiced out to the restaurant and provide feedbacks that would in turn improve whatever he/she deems to be so bad about the place

  2. Sang Har Noodle looks delicious. If you want to eat good food, then price shouldn’t be a problem. Nevertheless, an honest review is very important.

  3. Wow! To be so biased just because of the price is way too much. The writer could have showed some professionalism by talking nicely to the owner. I think that person is suitable to become a gossip writer instead.

  4. I’ve never tried this place before, but whats with the entire negative review la? Sigh. Sounds so bias.

  5. never heard about this restaurant before, but i assume, it serve good food. i just dont get it y people need to bias just bcoz of the price? can complain to the restaurant instead of posting such entry.

  6. Hi Wilson, it’s hard to understand the animosity you feel towards the writer from TMI.

    Firstly, isn’t it ironic that you’re accusing the writer’s article of being biased when you’ve also come out to state your friendship with the owners of the restaurant? And no, your disclosure does not change anything.

    Secondly, a food review involves telling it as it is – so it makes no sense to “ask the restaurant for a change” in hopes of giving repeated opportunities for the eatery to get it right the second time around, or even third especially as it was an incognito review. Perhaps, another review in the future but not at the same seating, and maybe informing the restaurant of the sub-standard experience encountered for constructive feedback.

    Taking a definitive stance and not merely “talking” about food is every bit crucial. Your statement of ‘we can’t say it is really good but it is not bad at all’ is the sort that offers readers little help in terms of making a dining decision.

    The market prices you quoted – RM130 vs RM200 per kg at Greenview – also holds no water. If the quality of food is poor, then it is poor – you simply call a spade a spade. Just because it’s at a lesser price does not mean that they deserve to be cut some slack; likewise does it not suggest that the pricier option at Greenview deserves even stronger criticism if it was poor too?

    Most importantly, are you not ignoring the plain fact that dining experiences simply vary from person to person? After all, you did mention that you only tasted their food from time to time. The websphere does not only contain happy happy joy joy favourable reviews; downright inferior restaurant visits are just as real and deserve the same spotlight. An unfavourable review will never make for pleasant reading; any attempts at sugar-coating the unpleasantness only reeks of biasness and irresponsibility – the two words that you’ve been spouting at the writer.

    You’re concerned about the potential damage to restaurant, but what about the writer’s obligation to the readers? It’s funny how you seem to have completely absolved the restaurant of any blame and shifted it entirely to the writer.

    Responsibility works both ways.

  7. I really like sang har mee and the big prawns is really fresh and tasteful.As I recall the price is also lower than the market price…Durian bomb is one of favourite dessert. Karak restaurant served nice foods..

  8. That’s odd…

    I’ve been eating delicious foods from Sri Karak for four years now and I swear they never failed to impress my tummy…

    Even had them delivered to my house via Food Panda..

    I loved their durian balls, eggtarts & durian tarts too… Will always “tapaw” them after dining there (without failed… Again)

    That was really an unfair comments.. All prices were clearly printed out on their menus…

    I’ve tasted random dishes there too and I swear they were all yummy… I don’t know anyone from that restaurant personally but they’re super friendly & I will not stop feeding my hungry tummy after the reading the most brutal lies from that food blogger..

    How stupid is that?? If you can’t afford it, don’t order anything expensive in the future.. Just stick to your own budget…

    I’ve never seen that restaurant empty on my visits & those tarts & durian balls were sold out instantly too…

    Gosh… Stop destroying them with that stupid comments… I totally disagree… ’nuff said..

    Whatever it is… Sri Karak is one of the best restaurant in KL!!!

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