February 1, 2023

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Netflix is available in Malaysia!

Netflix is an American company provider of on-demand Internet streaming media in United States of America. Established in 1997, Netflix now has 69 million subscribers worldwide and more than 43 million in the US.

They are one of biggest internet streaming media companies in the world and previously limited to US only but now they are opening to the rest in the world.

You can find drama, action, comedy, documentary, TV shows in Netflix and also their award winning original series and documentaries.

From now, you can get your first month subscription FREE and also plans from RM 33 per month only!

For basic subscription of RM 33, you won’t get HD and for RM 42 (Standard Subscription) you get HD and 2 screens to watch on at the same time and for RM 51 (Premium Subscription) you can get Ultra HD and 4 screens to watch on at the same time.

You just need a good fibre optic or broadband connection for Netflix and the charges are very reasonable to me. You can subscribe now at www.Netflix.com

Free month subscription starts now until 7 February 2016.

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