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Singha Beer Garden in Central World

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Singha Beer Garden in Central World

Every year, there will be beer gardens in the month of December in front of Central World in Bangkok. It is one of the coolest annual events and the locals and the tourists love it.

singha beer garden central world overview

Last December, I finally had the opportunity to visit the beer garden after visiting Singha Park for their Social Enterprise project. Together with my friends, we visited the Singha Beer Garden.

heineken beer garden
Heineken Beer Garden Central World.


chang beer garden
Chang Live Park Beer Garden.
singha beer garden bangkok overview
Full house at Singha Beer Garden in Central World Bangkok.

There are a few beer gardens and the reason we visited the Singha Beer Garden is rather simple. It is packed. Based on my experiences visiting so many places around the world, the best place is usually packed and that’s why we chose Singha Beer Garden among the rest. This is purely based on the attendance.

singha beer garden bangkok singha girls

There is age verification and there are no outside food allowed in the beer garden. I feel the strict policy is needed and it is a great job to check everyone.

Inside the beer garden, there are simple tables and chairs with a huge stage with live band. This is like a mini concert with great sound system.

singha beer garden bangkok bar tenders
Happy faces in Singha Beer Garden. You gotta love the people here as they are very friendly.
singha beer garden bangkok girls
Some of the girls in the beer garden making sure everything is good on our table.

singha beer garden bangkok thai girls

The main reason to have beer gardens during this period of time because the weather is cooling as well as for the Christmas and New Year celebrations. Even though last year wasn’t as chilly but it still comfortable to chill, listen to music, having some food and a couple of glasses of Singha.

singha beer garden bangkok fried chicken

To be frank, the food here is good. We ordered a few food but my favourite is their deep fried chicken wings. Fried food is always tasty. Thus, they have some real good Thai food too!

singha beer garden central world cheers
singha beer garden central world singha beer garden wefie
Every table ordered a beer tower. Why? Because it is good!

Overall, it was a night of chit chatting, good food, awesome beer and laughter. The vibe and service is good and no wonder it is packed at Singha Beer Garden. This is my first time experience in a beer garden in Bangkok and I loved it. If you are traveling to Bangkok in December, you need to drop by the beer gardens in Central World and enjoy the beer, music and food!


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