February 7, 2023

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Top 10 Food to Bring to Office

It is 2016 and let us makes it an awesome year. Money saving is one of our top priorities this year. We wanted to save for ourselves, our kids and for our future so we decided to come out with this story.

Having a second job is almost impossible for us as we are hard workers and we worked till late on weekdays. If we have the luxury of time in the evening, we would love to spend it with our kids and same goes to our weekends.

We spent a lot on food daily and if you are working in the city, expect to spend at least RM 10 and above daily. Thus, we came out with this story on how to save most of it by bringing your own food to the office. Brilliant or not, you can save your breakfast and lunch by taking some of the food as below.

Here are our Top 10 Food to Bring to Office

  1. Bread

Bread is cheap, convenient and can keep your hunger away. You can always make a toast or sandwich and put in a container and bring it to office.

Some of the great examples: Bread with jams, butter or “kaya”, tuna sandwich, sardine sandwich or just plain bread.

  1. Pasta

Pasta is cheap and quite easy to cook. Just boiled with water and you can stir fried with tomato sauce with mushroom or with instant pasta sauce.

Cook it and put it in the plastic container. It is easy to reheat using the microwave.

  1. Eggs

Eggs is high protein food and easy to cook. You can hard boil it or make it an omelette or make an egg sandwich or add it into salad.

I love to make French Toast with Eggs and also Omelettes.

  1. Salad

Just visit the market, buy some greens and make it to a salad. It could be the mixture of lettuce, tomato, cucumber or anything with your imagination. Top it up with mayo or sesame dressing or olive oil. Add an egg to make it more filling.

  1. Fruits

Fruits are one of the easiest and convenient food to bring to office. Fruits like bananas, pears, apples and strawberries are nice to bring over to office. Durian is a definitely big no no.

Green apple is the healthiest of all. An apple a day will keep the doctor away.

  1. Cereals or Oats

Simple food like cereals or oats are very nutritious and oats can keep your cholesterol level on check. They have instant cereals or oats or you want to make overnight oats which is quite popular nowadays.

  1. Rice

We, Asians love rice. It is in our blood. You can always cook rice and topped it with something like sauces like curry. To make it easier, you can use overnight rice and stir fried to become fried rice. Fried rice with eggs, chopped spring onion and sausages is mouth watering.

  1. Biscuits

Biscuits are cheap and some are nutritious as well. Our recommendation is those biscuits in tin boxes and you can keep it nicely and safely in your office.

Dipped it with hot drink and you will the tastiness of the biscuits and this is a great snacking food.

  1. Cup or Instant Noodles

We know they are not the healthiest food recommendations but they are sure life saver at times. Just pour hot water into the cup noodle and voila, there is your breakfast, lunch or tea time.

If you have microwave, instant noodle could be another great option. Like we said, this might not be the best option but it is a great food to have in the office.

  1. Instant Coffee/ Drinks / Tea

You can save hundreds a month by substituting your regular visit to expensive cafes with instant coffee. They have no sugar instant coffee and getting a huge pack of 15s, 20s or 25s is the same price of a cup of coffee in café.

We love to hang out in café carrying a cup of hot latte too but when you need to save so sometimes you have to let it go.

Tea is also a great option especially green tea.

There are also other food recommendations such as processed food such as nuggets, sausages, ham or bacon. However, those are unhealthy options and it depends whether you want to include them. Always remember drink lots of water in the office, it is good for you.

Thus, we have a donate button so you can donate some money for us to keep us writing more stories. We do not need billions or millions but some spare change will help motivate us.

We would love to hear your comments or any other alternative food we missed so we could include them in our future stories.

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26 thoughts on “Top 10 Food to Bring to Office

  1. 1,5,8 and 10. That’s what I did. Definitely a good and cheap way to curb your hunger while doing some works. hee. Now, I can try the other foods as well. 😀

  2. Thats a good list and money savings food. Advice on the egs, don’t bring boiled eggs, they smell terrible yet taste so good

  3. these are the foods i always bring as my breakfast, lunch and dinner. haha. i can just stay at office whole day.

  4. I work from home so this is not applicable to me. But I do like the idea of eating simple, rather than going out for lunch.

  5. Cool post. Indeed we need to learn how to stretch our Ringgit further with all prices fluctuating around us. Kids get to learn the value of money too

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