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Hua Mum Night Market Bangkok Lat Phrao ตลาดนัดหัวมุม

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Hua Mum Night Market Bangkok Lat Phrao ตลาดนัดหัวมุม

We were supposed to visit the Talad Rod Fai Market 3 (Train Market 3) and somehow the taxi driver got lost and brought us to this hidden market. We were traveling with as all of us were invited to watch the Madonna Rebel Heart Tour in Bangkok by Singha.

hua muum night market large

This hidden market is just opened September last year and it is called Hua Mum Market or ตลาดนัดหัวมุม in Thai (which means Corner Market). This night market only closed on Mondays and it opens daily from 6pm till midnight.

hua muum night market aroimakmak

The night market is located at 11 Kaset-Nawamin Rd, Lat Phrao far away from BTS stations and MRT stations. The nearest MRT station is Lat Phrao and you need a taxi to get you there. Thus, it is located just across The Walk Kaset Nawamin.

hua muum night market clocks
Hua Muum Night Market Bangkok Lat Phrao ตลาดนัดหัวมุม colourful clocks

Why we called it hidden market as we find 99% locals visiting the market. Thus, you hardly find any information on this night market yet.

hua muum night market cosmetics
Hua Mum Night Market Bangkok Lat Phrao ตลาดนัดหัวมุม cosmetics

The market is smaller than other popular night markets such as Talad Rod Fai or JJ Night Market. However, we find the things here cheaper than other popular night markets.

hua muum night market handphone covers
Hua Muum Night Market Bangkok Lat Phrao ตลาดนัดหัวมุม mobile phone covers

You find clothes, ladies accessories, hand made products, toys, phone accessories, brand replicas and most important of all, food stalls and restaurants.

hua muum night market shoes

Like we mentioned before, most of the crowd here are locals and that’s why things here are more for locals and cheaper in price too.

hua muum night market men clothes
Hua Muum Night Market Bangkok Lat Phrao ตลาดนัดหัวมุม men shirts

At least spend an hour here and try some of the food stalls or restaurants here. It is off the city so you will need to take a taxi to come here. The good thing about this market is it is open daily except Mondays so you do not need to wait for weekends like JJ Night Market or Talad Roi Fai Markets.

hua muum night market food stalls
Hua Muum Night Market Bangkok Lat Phrao ตลาดนัดหัวมุม food stalls
hua muum night market restaurants
Hua Muum Night Market Bangkok Lat Phrao ตลาดนัดหัวมุม restaurants

How to go to Hua Mum Market Lat Phrao?

Exit in MRT Lat Phrao and take a taxi to Hua Mum Market. You also can take a taxi from Chatuchak. Tell the taxi driver it is near The Walk Kaset Nawamin for easier reference.

hua muum night market homemade products

Hua Mum Market Lat Phrao Address, Map and GPS:

11 Kaset-Nawamin Rd, Lat Phrao, Bangkok 10230

GPS Coordinate: 13.827002, 100.626376

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  1. It’s great to your taxi driver accidentally brought you all to this night market! Night market that is visited by 99% local can reflect more of their culture and lifstyle.

  2. Bangkok Really have a lot of flea market to explore. I usually go for food when I at Bangkok Flea market. Thank you for sharing this flea market

  3. I never been visit Bangkok before but I was planning to go there during school holiday with my family. There are so many flea market to discover thanks for sharing about it!

  4. Hulk right at the front is so cool! Out of all the places I’ve been to in Thailand, I’ve not stepped at Bangkok because I prefer a more laid-back, beach-y type of places to go to. Hopefully this year I can go to Bangkok and experience these stuffs myself!

  5. Guess like you have said! This place is base on local therefore price is cheaper, gonna take this market for next trip =P Scare later you write more people go visit already XD

  6. I love night market! Another to-go list when I visit Bangkok next two weeks. I love Aroimakmak, his’s blog such informative and easy to direct. Thanks for sharing. 😀

  7. Don’t you just love night markets? Especially those in BKK! The colours, the sounds, romantic thai music being played from the speakers. Will check this one out soon!

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