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Xiang Ji Mega Chicken Rice Challenge

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Xiang Ji Mega Chicken Rice Challenge

When it comes to eating competition, you hardly hear any restaurants doing it in Kuala Lumpur or other cities in Malaysia. However, it is not the case in Singapore.

A few days ago, a picture of a man chowed down 3kg worth of chicken rice. It was held at Xiang Ji Chicken Rice Stall at Bukit Batok Singapore.

What is in 3kg worth of chicken rice?

It is 10 bowls of chicken rice with a whole chicken

chicken rice
Picture sourced from

Sounds insane? But there is one man by the name Zermatt Neo (a Youtuber) finished the challenge in just 29 minutes. With such great effort, we feel that we should blog about it. We can’t even finish two plates of chicken rice while this dude finished a 3kg of chicken rice. Check out his video.

chicken rice challenge
Picture sourced from Facebook

Apparently the challenge is not over yet, according to, there will be another challenge.


Time: Wed Feb 03 2016 at 06:00 pm

Location: 395A Bukit Batok West Ave 5, Singapore, Singapore

Event created by: Food League Singapore

  • 5 Contestants will challenge 1 mega chicken rice each (3kg)
  • Time limit: 40 mins
  • Finish within the timing will award $50 Capital Land vouchers and the meal is free
  • Failed to finish within the time limit will need to pay for the mega Chicken rice $28
  • All contestant will need to pay during the event before the contest .

☆Bonus prize : if you able to beat Zermatt Neo timing which he will do a showcase of the mega Chicken rice on the actual day will be awarded $500 cash. (Only one winner who had the best time)

We are sure there will be many competitors but to beat the 29 min time will need something special.


Xiang Ji Chicken Rice Stall Address:

395A Bukit Batok West Ave 5, Singapore, Singapore


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