June 3, 2023

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Record Breaking Malaysian Visitors to Thailand in 2015

Malaysians love Thailand, the scenery, the food, the hotels, the beaches, the islands, the massage and the beer. Last year, it is record breaking year for Malaysian visitors to Thailand with over 3.4 million visitors to the Land of Smiles.

The exact number is 3,423,397 Malaysians visited Thailand in 2015 (with minimum stay of two nights). Border crossing numbers with less than two nights stay will not make up the numbers.

Tourism Authority of Thailand Malaysia with TAT Director Kun Suwat.

This record breaking number of Malaysian visitors to Thailand is more than 31% from 2014. The credit should go to team from Tourism Authority of Thailand Malaysia (TAT) for their relentless efforts to promote the Land of Smiles.

With Tourism Authority of Thailand Malaysia Director Kun Ahman.

Congratulations to Tourism Authority of Thailand Malaysia for the record breaking Malaysian visitors to Thailand and thank you for supporting us in the couple of years.

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15 thoughts on “Record Breaking Malaysian Visitors to Thailand in 2015

  1. That should be because with AirAsia, Thailand is affordable… and made more popular by Wilson…. who has a second home there… LOL

  2. Woahhh!! That’s a lot wei!! :O But then again, I also go BKK every year! hahaha

  3. My friends and I contributed to that numbers too.
    And we went to Bangkok 2 days after the bombing too.

    Just like you said, no bombs there, except for bombshells everywhere

  4. wah..3,423,397?? so many Malaysian visit to Thailand! Congratulations to Tourism Authority of Thailand Malaysia 🙂 hope will increase this year.

  5. What a great achievement by Thailand – I am certain they will go further from here. After all, they have great landscaping, sights and beautiful tourism spots. Job well done!

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