March 27, 2023

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8 Cooling Drinks You Should Drink in Hot Weather

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8 Cooling Drinks You Should Drink in Hot Weather

There are three seasons in Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore in a year and they are hot weather, the monsoon rain and the haze. We all know where the haze comes from and it is not helping with the El Nino.

The weather in Malaysia and Singapore reach is hovering around 36 degree Celsius on average and northern Peninsula Malaysia states recording near 40 degree Celsius. It is hot and seriously really hot in Malaysia and Singapore.

Lucky for us, we have 8 super awesome cooling drinks to drink during this hot weather. They are easily available in most supermarkets as well as convenience shops such as 7 Eleven.

There is a strong believe and myth that we should NOT drink cooling drink when having dry cough as it will worsen it and also for ladies, it is also not advisable to drink cooling drinks before your period to avoid period pain. Well, these are believes and myths in our Asian culture so it is up to you to believe it or not.

Thus, 8 Cooling Drinks You Should Drink During Hot Weather are:


There is no doubt Coconut juice is top on the list. It is easy to buy especially on road side stalls, food court and now they even packed coconut juices on sale in supermarkets and convenience stores.

If you are having the real coconut, remember to eat the coconut flesh and try not to add any sugar into it. Thailand’s small coconuts are available in both in Malaysia and Singapore and they are extremely sweet.

For the coconut juice packets, we find the taste is slightly off from the original but when you can’t find a real coconut, the packet will do. It is better than nothing.

2.Rhino Water or ‘Cooling Water’

There are a few cooling waters in the market now. Most of them come with a Rhino as their logo while some is called the cooling water. There are a few brands selling the same drink in Malaysia and Singapore.

It is de-ionised water and the natural mineral is gypsum fibrosum which contains calcium sulphate that believed to have the ‘cooling’ factor.

They are easily available in supermarkets and convenience stores and no actual rhinos are harm to create this drink.

3.Cincau or Water Jelly

Cincau or water jelly is one of the popular food in Asian countries. You can have it as drink or part of dessert in ABC (Ais Batu Campur) or it means crushed ice dessert.

It is black in colour and you can make it as drink by adding sugar water and water. Now, they are easily available as packed and can drinks. Thus, some prefer adding soy bean milk as it tastes tastier that way. The name of mixture of cincau and soy milk is called Michael Jackson as it is black and white and this name is more popular in Singapore than Malaysia. Cincau is believed to have ‘cooling’ factor to remove the heatiness in our body.

4.Water chestnut

Water chestnut drink is another source of cooling drink. It is now usually in cans are easily available in supermarkets and convenience stores.

Water chestnut is also popular as part of dessert as water chestnuts cake in some Chinese restaurants and dim sum restaurants.


Wintermelon is another cooling fruit that we must have during this hot weather. You can cook wintermelon as part of an ingredient in your food or boiled it into a soup or cooked it to a drink.

Wintermelon juice is easily available in packet drinks and can drinks. They are available in most supermarkets and convenience stores in Malaysia and Singapore.

6.Chinese Herbal Drinks

Chinese Herbal Drinks are quite popular when it comes to hot weather. Some of the popular names include Lou Hon Go, Wong Lo Kat and Hor Yan Ho and some in other names too.

Some are packaged into can drinks while some you can have it in coffee shops or restaurants.

By the way, not all Chinese Herbal Drinks are ‘cooling’ so do ask first before you order!


Watermelon is not on top of the list but they are one of the ‘cooling’ fruits we can easily find in our markets. You can have it fresh or blend it into watermelon juice. Now, there are cool press watermelon juices available too in bottles in some selected shopping malls.

However, you still can find watermelon juices in coffee shops and restaurants and just remember to order it without sugar.


Water is one of the best ‘cooling’ drink ever. Drink as much as possible to cool down your body. Especially during this hot weather, always bring a bottle of water and keep hydrating.

There were quite a number of cases of heat strokes so drink more water. If you are lazy to bring your own water, you can buy drinking or mineral water in supermarkets, restaurants and convenience stores.

Water is good for your body so drink more!

We left out barley, Chrysanthemum  tea as well as beer in our list. If you do have other ‘cooling’ drinks, we would love to hear from you.

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20 thoughts on “8 Cooling Drinks You Should Drink in Hot Weather

  1. Cool Rhino is an awesome drink – it helps hydrate and cool down the body heat in good time. Plus drinking water helps in more ways than one so I am all for the benefits in the long run.

  2. I had lots of coconut and watermelon coz’ it is really heaty. Will try others recommended too. Great infor.

  3. Happy that those traditional herbal teas are in tin now. Msia is really hot! I am growing pimples once back from Taipei which is 17 celsius now.

  4. Water chestnut I tak pernah jumpa lagi tapi air kelapa I suka lagi yang pure yang memang dari pokok and non process or sugar added. Tembikai tu punya potongan awesome la. Lastly memang air mineral putih jadi pilihan.

  5. hehehe.. I like Rhino water… you sure no rhinos were harmed?? I thought they were hung upside down and burned over slow fire so that they sweated and these water was made from their sweat… LOL..
    Just kidding!!
    I do drink most of these drinks… thanks for sharing…

  6. It is good to encourage your readers to drink more water.. I really love Cincau or Water Jelly! Thank you for sharing this info. 🙂 I sick sore throat so I must drink more. >.<

  7. I love drinking fresh coconut juice. Thankfully, it is inexpensive in Ipoh. Ordinarily, I drink a lot of water, what more when the weather is this hot!

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