June 3, 2023

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Doi Inthanon Ang Ka Nature Trail

Thailand never failed to impress us. On our recent trip to Chiang Mai, we went to Doi Inthanon because they are the highest mountain in Thailand. The mountain is just an hour and half from the city and the highest point is 2565 meters above sea level.

When we went there late last year, the temperature was around 8 degree Celsius. Yes, it was really that cold and luckily we brought the warm jackets. Right after we went to peak of the mountain, we thought that was it but there was a hidden trail near the exit of the mountain peak trail with the name of “Ang Ka Nature Trail”.

This is the entrance of the Ang Ka Nature Trail.

We felt that no harm doing another short trail since we have time in Doi Inthanon.

Look at the wooden platform and that awesome view!

What we discover next was so unexpected. There are a few trails and we took the shortest trail but the view and the nature of the trail is out of this world.

It is like a scene from the movie “Avatar”. This is how we can describe this trail. It is not just beautiful but it is pristine and well taken care of.

Nature at its best.

We love how they built the wooden platforms so we didn’t step onto the peat. The wooden platforms are long and there are different sections of it along the trail.

The branches with moss.

Some of the older wooden platforms are semi covered with moss and throughout the trail we didn’t see any garbage or litters. The forest is in pristine condition, looks untouched and the view is spectacular.

The view reminds me of The Enchanted Walk at Cradle Mountain – Lake St Clair National Park, Tasmania. Of course, it is a different weather and vegetation in Lake St Clair National Park. However, the feeling and the experience is similar.

This is an ideal location for photographers and also for pre wedding photography. If you have a theme of nature, this is the ideal place to visit.

Please do respect the nature so don’t litter here. Keep this place clean as it is. The Northern Thais respect the mountains and nature so you don’t see much development or forest clearing in this part of Thailand.

The wet peat in the jungle.
No litters or garbage seen, the jungle is as pristine as it is.
That is DJ Jason from Myfm. He is a very friendly and humble person and happy to travel with him.

Just bring some water or towel and enjoy the view here. There are benches from point to point so you can chill and enjoy the nature here.

How to go to Doi Inthanon Ang Ka Nature Trail

The best way is to hire a local tour guide or local tour or else you can always rent a car and self drive. Doin Inthanon is 55 km away from the city.

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