May 21, 2022

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ArtBox Bangkok 2016 is Closed

Update 1/10/2016: ArtBox ReOpens in Chatuchak Park until 2017

artbox closed
Picture is from ArtBox Facebook.

We got to know the real reasons behind the closure thanks to our blogger friend, According to his blog, the organizer is currently having venue issue. Thus, no dates are given whether they are going to open or shift to another venue.

artbox close aroimakmak

The conversation is copied from AroiMakMak blog. The conversation is on 21st April 2016. is a good friend of ours and they have comprehensive stories about Bangkok. Do follow him and us for our travel adventures.

In short, ArtBox Bangkok is having venue issues and they will announce once they sort out their issues. The ArtBox Bangkok is Closed for now. Once again, thanks for the information.

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