February 6, 2023

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Kungfu Steam Seafood Restaurant Sunway Review

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Kungfu Steam Seafood Restaurant Sunway Review

We heard of many steamboat or hotpot restaurants in Klang Valley. However, it is our first time hearing about steam seafood restaurant. Yes, steam seafood and not steamboat. Like many others, we got to know this restaurant from Facebook and not from Instagram. The restaurant is called Kungfu Steam Seafood Restaurant in Sunway. Thus, we had a dinner with our friends at this restaurant a couple of weeks ago.

We were attracted by the way they cook the food. Since it is steam, it should be healthier. Thus, they were having this exclusive promotion set packages.

2 pax – RM 119.00
4 pax – RM 199.00
6 pax – RM 299.00

Set packages comes with:- Seafood , Fish Slice , Prawn, Clam, Crab, Slipper Lobster, Slice Abalone, Vege, Mushroom and POT of seafood porridge.

We are not sure whether the exclusive promotion is still available or not for now but you can call them at the contact below.

They claimed to be the 1st in South East Asia to promote and introduce MSG-FREE, SUGAR-FREE, SALT-FREE, OIL-FREE & non processed food YET TASTY! The line we copied from their Facebook page.

The restaurant is air conditioned and we booked our table in advance as we don’t really like to queue or wait. Just plan ahead, book the table and gather our friends and dine.

We ordered the 4 pax package at RM 199. It comes with Seafood , Fish Slice , Prawn, Clam, Crab, Slipper Lobster, Slice Abalone, Vege, Mushroom and POT of seafood porridge.

The fresh fish for 4 pax


Steamed fish

The service is okay but then the waiters kept on asking us to top up for additional fish. That is something annoyed us. We prefer to order if the food is not enough.


Steamed lala.

The waiter will prepare everything and they will cook for the food for us too. They will prepare the dish one by one and we are fine with it.

Steamed crabs and mussels

The steaming process is fast and for a fish it takes a couple of minutes instead of traditional steaming. Same goes to the seafood.

Steamed scallops

We won’t go through the taste of each and every single seafood we tasted as for this kind of steam food, the taste depends of the freshness and the original taste of the seafood. For some, they might feel the food might be too light in taste but it is fine for us.

All the available sauces.

That’s why they prepared lots of sauces for their customers. We Malaysians are used to heavy taste food.

Steamed prawns for 4 pax

Some of our friends felt that the package is overpriced but we do feel it is ‘okay’. The portion is just nice but for big eater, you definitely need to order more food.

The rice from the video turned to porridge as the last dish.

After all the steaming, the bottom layer of the steamer will turn the rice prepared earlier to seafood rice porridge. This steam seafood thing is a new and fun experience in our opinion. No harm trying and we would love to hear your comments.


Open daily : 5pm-12 am.

Kungfu Steam Seafood Restaurant Sunway Address:


Tel: 010-250 2828


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