February 1, 2023

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Four Malaysia Airlines TVC From The Past You Must Watch

When I was young, my ambition is to be a pilot (please don’t laugh). There is a reason for this ambition. Back in the old days when the Kuala Lumpur International Airport is running at Subang International Airport, my dad often brought me there to see airplanes. One of the biggest airlines at that time was Malaysia Airlines.

An old newspaper advertisement sourced from Facebook. It was a proud moment when Malaysia Airlines got their 747s!

Back then, Malaysia Airlines is one of the biggest airline companies in the world and other regional airlines were not match. Malaysia Airlines is previously called Malaysia Airlines System. MAS then change its name to Malaysia Airlines and now to Malaysia Airlines Berhad.

To be frank it was more expensive to fly Malaysia Airlines back then than other airlines. This include other popular airlines in ASEAN (don’t want to mention names but you get the idea okay).

Thus, I found this four memorable Malaysia Airlines TVC from The Past You Must Watch.

(Malaysia Airlines 1984 TVC – ‘Connecting local towns’)

Malaysia Airlines 1986 Golden Holidays TVC promoting Malaysia and fly with Malaysia Airlines. The old tag line is “We’ill treat you like gold”.

Malaysia Airlines 1993 TVC – ‘Imagine’. This is the far most one of the most expensive TVCs at that time. The animation was created in Australia (if not mistaken) and I still remember clearly that everyone was very impressed with this TVC. The voice over stated that Malaysia Airlines flew more passengers from Southeast Asia than any other airlines and also the largest fleet of air crafts flying to five continents. It was really a proud moment for Malaysia Airlines.

Malaysia Airlines 1998 TVC – ‘At The End Things Can Work Out’. This was one of the longest TVCs aired on TV at that time. A very memorable TVC about three old friends reunion together.

It was very proud moments to have Malaysia Airlines as our national carrier in the past and it was my dream to be a pilot for MAS. Well, I didn’t have the opportunity to be a pilot but at least I am still traveling with Malaysia Airlines. I have been flying with Malaysia Airlines since 1992 when I was a teenager and still flying with them. Watching the old videos, Malaysia Airlines is still close to our hearts.

7 thoughts on “Four Malaysia Airlines TVC From The Past You Must Watch

  1. Never watch the old ads. This is nice and bring back the memories. I always support MAS before all the tragedies. After many years, I am flying with MAS again end of April for my Taiwan trip.

  2. vintage goodie… sometimes the past makes better stuff than the present which is full of bs.

    must remember come visit my blog too and comment ok.. miss you too much.

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