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9 Reasons to Stay in Ibis Bencoolen

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9 Reasons to Stay in Ibis Bencoolen

It is never easy to find a hotel in Singapore. The reason is it is usually expensive (after our conversion rate) and even it is affordable (cheap), the location is so far away. It is quite hard to get the best of both worlds, affordable pricing and awesome location.

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On my recent trip to Singapore, I was invited to stay at Ibis Bencoolen. It is my first time staying with the Ibis brand and after a few nights with them, I am ‘sold’ to them. The stay was so good, I decided to blog about it.

Here are the 9 reasons why you should stay in Ibis Bencoolen


Before I start to brad about Ibis Bencoolen and its facilities, the hotel offers one of the most affordable stays in Singapore. Believe it or not, their rooms are selling from S$128 per night (for standard room). Of course, that is during the lowest season and non weekend rates but as they are so popular, you still can get S$1xx but not at exact $128. It is still cheaper than most hotels or inns at lower class.

2.Three Star Boutique Hotel

ibis bencoolen room

Ibis Bencoolen is a certified 3 Star Boutique Hotel. It comes with 538 rooms with 26 connecting rooms. With the room priced from $S128, you still can enjoy a 3 Star Boutique Hotel services. What a steal!

3.Amazing Location

ibis bencoolen room view

Ibis Bencoolen is located in the business and shopping district of Bugis. It is just a short 8-minute walk to Bugis MRT with direct Changi Airport access, the hotel is also easily accessible from China Town and Orchard Road. I have no complains on their amazing location.

4.Green Hotel

ibis bencoolen bamboo bicycle

I am not as noble as Captain Planet to save the world but Ibis Bencoolen is trying to do more for the environment. Thus, they are famous for green actions such as their award winning Eco-Clean program, their award winning Ecopen, plus free access to bamboo bicycles, public transport cards, 2,300 e-newspapers, and even bamboo umbrellas!The bamboo bicycles are always for guests so you can cycle around the city.

5.Award winning hotel

They won so many awards, they put it as a decoration near the bar. Some of the awards they won includes Eco-Clean program and Ecopen. Of course there are more and you can check out their awards in the dinning hall.

6.Comfortable Room

ibis bencoolen room bed

What is important during a stay in the hotel is how ‘comfortable’ is the room and of course the bed. At times, you pay peanuts you get peanuts but for Ibis Bencoolen you get a hotel room with a decent size. We stayed in smaller rooms with the same money we paid in other hotels or similar size of the room by paying double of the amount of this hotel. In short, you get a decent size room and their exclusively designed Sweet Bed by ibis® in Ibis Bencoolen.

7.FREE WIFI & Handy Singapore

Well, we are all tech savy people and we love FREE WIFI. Don’t you just hate it when the hotel only offers FREE WIFI in the lobby? At Ibis Bencoolen, you get it FREE WIFI in your room with no additional charges. How about that?

ibis bencoolen handy singapore

We worked with their parent company Handy Hong Kong a few years ago and now they have expanded to Singapore too. Handy Singapore is a mobile device which offers deals, map as well as information of restaurants and tourist attractions in Singapore. Thus, it is available in Ibis Bencoolen and you can bring it out and use it as your phone or connect your phone via WIFI. Hence, you can FREE calls to Singapore and the rest of 26 countries. Handy Singapore is not just a bonus but a very handy device.

8.Breakfast at Taste Restaurant

ibis bencoolen breakfast

We didn’t take many pictures of the breakfast as we were busy eating. The hotel provides breakfast at Taste Restaurant and they change a few dishes everyday so you won’t get bored with their menu. Their breakfast is from 6 am to 10 am daily and they promise that you will get excited with their breakfast with good food.

9.Meeting Rooms

ibis bencoolen meeting room

With a capacity of 60 people, the Hibiscus room is located adjacent to Taste Restaurant. Featuring 56 sqm, Hibiscus is perfect for meetings, seminars and workshops and can host a variety of configurations to suit your needs.Tailor-made for small meetings of up to 12 in a boardroom style (31sqm), the classy Orchid room features high grade AV and soft fittings coupled with smart design touches to ensure the success of your meeting.Featuring a naturally lit space of 102sqm, the Jasmine room is perfect for any event you wish to organize with a capacity up to 84 people. Jasmine room can also be divided into 2 separate meeting rooms (45 / 59sqm) for added flexibility.

We listed 9 Reasons to Stay in Ibis Bencoolen and are you convinced to stay with them? For more info visit their website at  

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  1. I used to stay at Ibis Bencoolen a lot whenever I go to Singapore but recently discovered a newer hotel just across the road, Big Hotel which I think it’s nicer, hipper and slightly cheaper too. You can check it out the next time just to compare…

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