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4 Festivals You Must Visit on April

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4 Festivals You Must Visit on April

Planning to travel on April but no idea where to go? Well, we have the right answer for you. We listed down 4 festivals you must visit in April. The festivals of recommendations are in Asia and the budget is within our reach. There is no point writing inspiring travel destinations if the budget is beyond our reach. We are very practical so we prefer to recommend places that you can visit rather than just looking at the pictures.

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There are four places you must visit on April every year. If you can’t make it this year, you can plan it for the next year or so. Always plan early so you can save more on the airfares as well as the accomodation. That is how many travellers do and how they can travel to so many places with limited budget. Travel smart, you get to spend and visit more!

The 4 Festivals You Must Visit on April are:

1.Sakura Cherry Blossoms Festival in Japan

Need any more introduction to one of the most popular festivals in Japan? Thousands of visitors flying into various cities in Japan for the glimpse of the ‘sakura’ or cherry blossoms festival in Japan.

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Depending on area, the cherry blossom bloom from late March each year until early May. This year, cherry blossom blooms early in March and Hokkaido expect to have the cherry blossom blooms on late April.

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If you plan to see the sakura in Japan, make sure you book your airticket and accommodation early. Last minute booking to Japan is extremely expensive and in areas like Tokyo, most hotels are fully booked.

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*Sakura pictures are sourced from, remember to follow her!

The Sakura Cherry Blossoms Festival is happening every April throughout Japan.

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