April 23, 2024


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4 Festivals You Must Visit on April

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3.Songkran in Thailand

Close to our home is Thailand. Songkran or the ‘water festival’ in Thailand is one of the biggest festival in the kingdom of smiles. The songkran celebration is rich with symbolic traditions.


Songkan or also the Thai new year is a very important festival for the locals. It is the time when they go back to their hometown to meet their parents and families.


For tourists, it is more popular known for its iconic water festival and celebrated by the younger generations. Many major main roads are closed for traffic in the big cities and it turns to venue for water festival. Everyone regardless young or old participate in this unique tradition by splashing water to one and another.


In some venues, elephants are involved in the friendly water fights. There are also venues where the firetrucks are used to make sure everyone got wet.


*The Songkran pictures are sourced from Tourism Authority of Thailand

We have friends who visit Thailand every April for Songkran only. The exact date is around 13th April every year and make sure you bring your raincoat, waterproof casings for your wallet, smartphone and camera as well as your watergun to join the friendly water fight.

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