July 16, 2024


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Open Rice Application Review Find All Your Food In One

We got to know OpenRice when we travelled to Hong Kong a couple of years ago. Most of our Hong Kong friends are using this food app called OpenRice. It is the ultimate food app they said and you need them to find the best food in Hong Kong.

open rice food talks

Shortly after that, OpenRice launched in Malaysia and they invited us to join them as reviewers. However due to our hectic schedule and family commitment, we declined them.

Moving forward, the OpenRice Malaysia has grown tremendously and it is one of the top food apps in Malaysia in our opinion.

openrice latest restaurants

Currently, they have over 80,000 of restaurant database with users submitted reviews and photos. Thus, the team also provide the latest, hottest restaurant news and the editors also work around the clock to compile the best recommendation of where to eat and what to eat.

Recently, we heard that they are launching their new OpenRice App and we did a quick review on it.

openrice google play store
OpenRice Google Play Store

They have it all platforms, Google Play and IOS. Since we are Samsung S6 Edge user (Android), we downloaded the app under Google Play App.

openrice klang valley

Just remember to put your exact location so you know where to find the best food in your area or change location if you want to check out food in other locations.

openrice bukit jalil
Restaurants and Cafe nearby by OpenRice.

The OpenRice App is very user friendly, responsive and handy. When we click the new restaurants, all the new restaurants pop up in our area. This really reduced our headache what to eat sometimes as we ran out of ideas what to eat. Thus, it is also good to explore new food and restaurants.

openrice coupons
Openrice special coupons and promotions.

If you ran out of ideas still then head to the Editor’s Picks Section. They pick some of the best out there. It is good selection you can consider and they will also highlight some of the promotions and deals by OpenRice Partners.

openrice gathering

On top of that, they have this cool function call the ‘Meal Invite’ which enables you to choose your day, time, and you may invite your friend to join you! For us, this easier to organise gatherings or get together. Instead of calling your friends or putting them in the Whatsapp group, you can do it in the app.

openrice front
Openrice interface is very easy to use.

Thus, the OpenRice app also allows you to create food events and you get to choose up to 4 restaurants and share it out thru Whatsapp, Facebook or LINE. We believe this is a cool function as everyone on social media now.

openrice gastronomical guide

OpenRice App is not just limited to Malaysia and Hong Kong only as they are now expanded to Macau, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore and even Japan. That’s make the app handy and downloadable. It is FREE anyways.

We checked some of the food listing in the cities of Japan and we wished we had OpenRice App earlier. Thus, if you are ‘lost’ in Japan, this is the ultimate app that can save you and bring you to good food.

We remember once we got ‘lost’ in Dotonburi in Osaka. Moving forward if we are going to Osaka again, we will definitely use this app. Why?

openrice dotonburi
OpenRice restaurants listing in Dotonburi Japan.

You get the listing like this so it will be easier to check out the eateries around especially the type of food and the pricing and also the exact location of the restaurants. Isn’t this handy?

openrice donwload

Wait no more, you can install OpenRice App on your smartphones and plan your next visit to makan. Don’t say we didn’t share the best food app to you.
Remember, the download links are as below:

App info: http://my.openrice.com/info/campaign/revamp-v5/index-en.html

Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.openrice.android 

App Store https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id310663323?mt=8


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