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Riding on fastest Shinkansen in Japan E6 Series on Komachi Service

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Riding on fastest Shinkansen in Japan E6 Series on Komachi Service

Riding Shinkansen (bullet train) in Japan is everyone’s dream. However, there are many types of shikansen and also the different type of speed they operate too.

JR train malaysia jersey selfie

Last year, I was lucky to ride on the fastest Shinkansen in Japan on the Komachi service.

The Komachi service is between Tokyo and Akita in Japan. The service is operated by JR East since March 1997. Thus, it is the only shinkansen that runs on the Akita Shinkasen and uses the E6 series.

jr E6 shinkansen

The E6 series can go up to 320 km/h on the Tohoku Shinkansen line while from Tokyo to Akita, it can max up to 300 km/h on certain sectors only.

jr E6 train interior picture

I was traveling from Tokyo Station to Tazawako station and the journey was less than 3 hours with a few main stops in between.  You get to see the scenery in between the two cities but most of us dozed off after a long flight from Kuala Lumpur.

Jr bento e7
E7 Bento you can purchase at the train station.

We used the JR East Pass and the tickets are assigned to your seats. It is not FREE SEATING. The seat is quite comfortable, no LCD screens like the airplane but it has the latch and the concept is similar to EUROSTAR trains. Thus, you are allowed to eat in the train and the luggage must be placed on the top compartment or at the back of the seats (limited area).

JR east pass front


The ride was smooth and it didn’t feel the speed of 300 km/h at all. Our advice is to purchase the JR tickets at first before you go there to avoid the queue. For that, you can check out the JR Pass Rates Information and Prices. For more information on Akita, you can read at or visit Wendy Tour Facebook Page at or visit their website at

This trip is sponsored by Tourism Akita and Wendy Tour.

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