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12 Reasons Why Yaowarat Wholesale Market is Every Girl’s Shopping Haven

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12 Reasons Why Yaowarat Wholesale Market is Every Girl’s Shopping Haven

Ever heard of Yaowarat Wholesale Market in Bangkok? If you have not, then you miss one of the biggest secret in Bangkok. Yaorawat Wholesale Market name is derived from the road name Yaorawat and it is located in Chinatown Bangkok.

12 reasons yaowarat market

It is one of the five wholesale markets to shop in Bangkok story we wrote last year. Unlike Pratunam and other wholesale markets, Yaorawat or also known as Sam Peng wholesale market is only on one road. Thus, the Yaowarat wholesale market is long so we recommend you to walk from front to the end.

We got introduced to the market by my friend April Yim who enjoys to shop here. If you are a bargain hunter, this wholesale market is your shopping haven especially for girls. Unlike other wholesale markets, you don’t find many clothes selling here. That is one of their unique points. It is different from the rest of the wholesale markets for sure and we tell you the reason why.

We listed down 12 Reasons Why Yaowarat Wholesale Market is Every Girl’s Shopping Haven and they are:

1.Household Items

You can find quite a few shops selling household items in Yaowarat Wholesale Market. There are many plastic household items as well as pots and pans. We still remember our mother used to buy them pots in Thailand because it is cheaper. If you enjoy cooking you can get some of the small household items here. Some of them are local products and it can be handy when you need one for cooking.

2.Knick Knacks

16 reasons yaowarat knick knacks

Knick knacks mean small little items. We know many girls love to collect knick knacks. You can find stationeries, notebooks, piggy banks, magnets and others here at Yaowarat Wholesale Market. You just need to find them all.


16 reasons yaowarat pouches

Pouches here are cute and cheap. It comes with many designs and colours and since this is the wholesale market, the more you buy the cheaper it is. Most of the items here are priced very reasonable. The pouches are good for pencils, coins or make up. They can be very handy.


16 reasons yaowarat earrings

There are a few shops in Yaowarat Wholesale Market sell really good quality earrings. They are located in the middle of the market and they are in the shop lots.

16 reasons yaowarat crystal earrings

There are plenty of designs of the earrings you can find and they are cheap. Please take note there is no photography allowed so we took the pictures in secret. They will give you a small box so you can choose and pick your earrings. With hundreds of different earrings designs, you will probably spend lots of time choosing. The best solution to buy more and give it to your families or friends.


16 reasons yaowarat bracelets

When you have earrings, there will be bracelets too. Of course there are more choices and designs than the picture we took. Like the rest, the more you buy the cheaper it is. They are usually available with the shops selling the earrings and necklaces.


16 reasons yaowarat beautiful necklaces

You will be spoilt with choices. There are quite a number of shops and stalls sell necklaces and they have quite a lot of designs and colours.

16 reasons yaowarat necklaces

If you need necklaces to match your dress for your OOTD, this is the place you should visit. Now, you know where the locals get their stuffs.


16 reasons yaowarat shoes

There are many stalls and shops selling ladies shoes and sandals here. If you shop in Bangkok before you should roughly know the design and the prices of these shoes. The good thing about shopping here you can find other things you like here so it is not just about shoes.


16 reasons yaowarat bags

If you look at the design of the bags available in this wholesale market, they are up to date and trendy. Of course, the price of the bags here is reasonable too. The bags come in different designs, shapes, colours and sizes.

16 reasons yaowarat souvenirs

They have the backpacks as well as the sling bags. Some designs are similar to popular luxury brands and some are local traditional bags.  This comes handy to mix and match with your dress for OOTD.

9.Tattoo Stickers

16 reasons yaowarat tattoo stickers

This are the Tattoo Stickers for adults and not the ones for children. They have the ones for your hands and legs and the ‘metallic’ version too. We clearly remember it is quite a trend a few years ago but not sure whether it is still popular to stick tattoo stickers. Like it or not, it comes with many different designs and colours.

10.Nail Accessories

16 reasons yaowarat nails accessories

Nail accessories I mean here is nail stickers and nail tips and not nail polisher or nail colours. They come in many designs and colours and if you love to DIY your nails, this is the haven for you.

16 reasons yaowarat nails stickersThey are packed nicely and easy to bring back. The question is how many can you buy?

11.Hats / Caps

You can find many types of hats here. We like the variety and the designs of the beach hats here. You can find a few shops selling them together with hair accessories.

16 reasons yaowarat hair accessories

Street wear caps can be found here. Some come with words and some comes with a little ‘bling bling’. We found similar shop in Platinum Mall and other shopping mall selling the same street wear caps. The prices are very reasonable as we were really tempted to buy but we have too many at home.

12.Hair Accessories / Head Bands

Lastly, the hair accessories. You can find trendy hair accessories including headbands, hair clips, styling tools and more. Just grab one of the baskets in the shop and start to choose what you like.

16 reasons yaowarat toys

We listed 12 Reasons Why Yaowarat Wholesale Market is Every Girl’s Shopping Haven. On top of that, you can also find souvenirs of local products, toys, textiles and Chinese herbs. We didn’t venture to the Chinese herbs section but they are popular here too. Last but not least, you can easily find street food here.

16 reasons yaowarat street food

We hope you like our story and happy shopping in Yaowarat Wholesale Market and in Bangkok!

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Chinatown Sam Peng Yaowarat Wholesale Market Address and GPS:

381-383 Yaowarat Rd

Khwaeng Samphanthawong, Khet Samphanthawong, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10100

GPS: 13.740734, 100.509244


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