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23 Reasons Why You Should Travel Young

Well, we are in our 30s now and we started traveling since we started our blog. To get content for our blog, we started to travel budget a couple of years ago. From there, we start to learn many things that we wish we can start earlier. We sort of a little regret that we didn’t start travel young but there is still time to do so.

23 Reasons Why You Should Travel Young

Now, we travel at least five to six times a year and we have friends who do more but you can at least do one travel trip annually. The following are based on our opinion and we believe you can judge what is right and what is wrong for you. Here it goes, 23 reasons why you should travel young.

  1. Work hard so you can travel when you retire is wrong

Well, the elderlies will advise you to work hard so you can travel when you retire. In our opinion, it doesn’t work that way anymore. Why? In the old days, things are cheaper. Education, house, car and many other necessity things are cheaper so when you retired back then your retirement fund is enough to cover everything. However, now with things are getting so expensive and it difficult to know when can you even retire. Furthermore, working in corporate world now is tougher. We have many friends who worked till 8 or 9pm every day including ourselves. This is not about time management but there are so many things you need to do and you can never complete your tasks. With so many companies are cutting staffs, one person will need to handle a few roles. So by the time you work so hard until you retire, will you be mentally and physically drained and will you able to travel at that time? You need to work hard but life needs a balance, you need at least one holiday per year. Work smart lah.


  1. Learn how to be independence

There are many young people now are too dependent on their parents. We understand that because our parents are protective too. However, by traveling on your own or with your friends, you get to learn how to be independence. There are no parents or no one to rely when you travel alone. From booking a ticket to staying alone and finding food to eat, you will start to learn independence and you will love it. Time to grow up! Stop asking money from your parents.

  1. Understanding more about culture and tradition

Understanding more about culture and tradition is fun and learning. When we travel to places such as Bali, Thailand, Japan, Argentina and more we get to learn so much about other’s culture and tradition. Simple things like talking on the phone on the train in Japan is considered rude and you must finish the drink when someone poured soju for you in Korea. Standing one side of elevator in Australia is common so others can walk through. Thais offer food to Thai monks early in the morning is also another unique tradition. Traveling is so rewarding.

  1. Savour new food

When it comes to food, we tasted many different new food wherever we travelled to. King Crabs in Ushuaia, egg tarts in Macau, Khao soi in Thailand, grilled lamb in Argentina, fresh oysters and wines in Australia and more. Not forgetting the gorgeous kim chi in Korea as well street food in Taipei. You just have to open to new food and the world is a food haven.

  1. Be smarter in planning

Traveling means also smarter in planning. When to fly, where to stay, where to go, what to eat and how to do things. All of this are planning, from the best time to book your ticket and also getting your itinerary worked out. Those are your hidden planning skills.

  1. Learn budgeting indirectly

When it comes to travel, it is also about budgeting. How much you plan to book the trip, how much you plan to spend and how long you need to save. It is all about budget planning. Maybe you did it badly on the first time but from mistakes, your budgeting will become better. Hence, you will get to manage your own budget better than overspending in your life.

  1. Critical Thinking Achievement Unlocked!

We missed our flight from London to Barcelona two years ago in Gatwick International Airport. Miscalculation on the public transport timing as well as a bit of bad luck (as we missed the express train) so we were stranded in Gatwick International Airport. We really need critical thinking rather than creating a big drama in the airport so we called up a few friends in London and found the best solution. At crucial times, you will make critical thinking that like never before. That’s critical thinking achievement unlocked.

  1. Improving your maths

The moment we visit to other countries and we start to use our maths we learnt from schools. For example, how much is that show in Ringgit from Thai Baht, Sterling Pounds, Japanese Yen and so on. You need to do your maths right so you know how much you pay. Your maths teacher will be so proud of you.

  1. History lessons that books can’t provide

Our trip to Cambodia is like a walk to the past. We visited over a dozen temples and get to learn so much history than the books can provide. In books, you read words and probably can see a couple of pictures but when you travel to the actual place, you can touch, see, smell and experience the place. Of course, you can selfie too.

  1. Embracing different weather

In Malaysia we have a few weathers all year round. Its summer, the monsoon rain and the annual haze from our beloved neighbour. In other countries, you get to experience hotter summer, the cold weather as well as winter. Last year when we travelled to Seoul, we got to experience a snow storm for one day only. That was a surprise and the experience is so rewarding.

  1. Picking up new skills

So what new skills can you pick up while you travel? We learnt more about photography. Some learn about scuba diving and some picked up horse riding. Most of my friends picked up new language as they do in love traveling in certain country.


  1. The workout that you won’t do in gym

Lazy to go to gym, no worries just go travel. Carry your heavy hand carry bags as some are cheapskate enough to pay for check-in luggage fees so you can work out your biceps. For those who enjoys to carry a few luggage, it is another workout session as you need pull or push those huge bags. If you go shopping in Bangkok, I am sure you are fine to carry bags of shopping goods for the whole day without complaining. Don’t waste money in gym, just go travel.

  1. Start to appreciate nature

The jungle and the animals you watch in the Jungle Book is fake so it is not real. However, when you travel around you get to see the real nature of mother Earth. Like strolling and pretending a dried salted fish at the beach enjoying the sun and also listen to the calming sea waves. Camped in the jungle and listened the sounds of animals doing their Kamasutra. You get to experience and also appreciate nature as it is.

  1. Waiting for tomorrow that never comes

We still remember that we always plan to travel on the next year and it didn’t happen. Well, don’t wait for tomorrow, do it now as you never know you will travel at all. It is same applied to losing weight, don’t wait for tomorrow, start do it now. The first step is also to book the flight or tour package and make it happens.

  1. Meet new friends

We met new friends wherever we travel by chance. Now, we have friends in Macau, Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea and other places. Isn’t it great to travel? You get to meet so many new friends.

  1. The world is not that safe

It is true the world is not safe anymore. We bumped to so many scammers in our trips. We got cheated by taxi in Hong Kong and Vietnam, also other not so nice experience in other places. These are the experience you gain that you remember and help you to be more vigilant.

  1. See the places that you won’t have the chance to see again

There are things you can wait but some places are gone forever. For example, the historical sites in China that flooded by the Three Gorges Dam in China. You can never visit them again as they are underwater now. Some of the historical sites that destroyed by natural disasters are another set of example. Thus, not all places are affected but if you have the chance to travel young, do first as you might not able to see it again.

  1. Traveling might not be expensive

Many people consider traveling is expensive but it is not the case. Now with Internet, it is so easy to find cheap deals on flight and hotels. Doing research on certain places are just a few clicks away. Back in the old days, you need to buy magazines but now with the power of Google and also websites and blogs, you can get vital information on your travel destination and some tips to save money too. A trip to some places in Thailand might be cheaper than traveling locally. Same goes to other neighbour countries. For our first trip to Japan, we scored ourselves a great deal of 5 days 4 nights inclusive of flights and hotels for RM 1699 nett. It is how you plan your trip and your budget and it can be cheap.

  1. You get to learn to be punctual

Time is essence but there are many people take it for granted. They tend to be late and giving out all sorts of excuses. However, when you travel you are forced to be punctual. When you are late for your flight and the gate closes, you will miss your flight. Yes, you will be punished for being late which is a good thing.

  1. Giving your body and mind a rest

We have many friends who travel at least once in a year. After long hours of work, studying and projects, you need to rest your body and mind. Some will go to islands and stay relaxed for days while some will stay in resorts and chill. We read stories of young people worked to its death. Working hard is good but the body and mind need some rest too.

  1. Traveling is inspiring

Traveling is very impactful and many travellers know it. Where ever you go, you will be exposed to new experiences. Sometimes these experiences could be overwhelming and inspiring. The things you see while travel gives ideas and motivation to you. You might see something you plan to do that you never think of. Hence, you probably want to work in certain places you travel, who knows?

  1. You will be motivated to work

Why work motivation is related to traveling? After each trip, you will want for more and to travel you need money. You will need to work for that money. Our advice is you have to keep an emergency funds and then only you focus to keep save money in your piggy bank. No work no money, no money no travel. Simple as that.

  1. YOLO You Only Live Once

YOLO or You Only Live Once is real. Many people said it is overrated but in our experiences, you really only live once. We have seen many people including friends and relatives passed away young. There are things we can control and some things are unpredictable such as things like cancer, accidents or natural disasters. Yes, we can choose to live healthy to live long but other things are unpredictable. That’s why travel young as YOLO.

barcelona football match
Watching Barcelona FC game in Nou Camp a few years ago.

We have written 23 Reasons Why You Should Travel Young in our own words. These are based on our experiences in traveling. You might agree with some of our reasons but not all. We hope this story inspired you to travel young. And please travel with your own money to appreciate the real value of traveling and don’t ask your parents money or use their credit cards to travel. Share this story if you like it and remember to follow our Instagram at www.Instagram.com/placesandfoods

*This is not a sponsored post, not everything also need to sponsor right?

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