February 1, 2023

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Chill Café Macau: 3D Coffee Art

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Chill Café Macau: 3D Coffee Art

The Chill Café is one of the few cafes we visited in Macau. We stumbled upon the place by chance as we were looking for shelter on one of the rainy days in Macau. Since we were in the café, why not we try some of their food.

Cafes are extremely popular in Malaysia and Asia and the same goes to Macau too. The bare brick café has two floors. The dim light and cozy chairs and tables, this is definitely the place to chill.

The service was really good here and friendly too. They asked us whether we wanted our coffee with 3D art for some extra fees. We don’t mind paying extra for the 3D art, it is a skill and we believe in paying for it.

We ordered two lattes if not mistaken. The first one comes with the usual coffee art with wordings. You can tell they have really good skills and look at the details. The coffee is good by the way.

The 3D art is more impressive. They did a polar bear as if it is chilling in the pool of coffee, we loved it.

We also ordered waffle with chocolate ice cream. Premium chocolate ice cream and it goes well with the waffle.

Chill Café Macau is a surprise find and we admire their coffee art. The café is comfortable and it is a great pit stop if you are venturing near this area (R. do Alm. Sergio). Don’t you think their coffee art is very Instagrammable?


Chill Café Macau Address and Phone:

Address: R., 239 R. do Alm. Sergio, Macau

Phone:+853 2853 2376

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