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Chen Chen BBQ Goose Pudu

We got to know this place as through some reviews our bloggers friends wrote some time ago. Chen Chen BBQ Goose is a corner stall located on the crossroad of Jalan Seladang and Lorong Yap Hin. It is a popular food stall for their BBQ Roast Goose in Pudu.

chen chen BBQ goose pudu stall

This is the old Pudu and the shop lots here have limited parking so parking can be challenging.  Hence, you will be sitting either on the pavement or by the road side. It is the real Malaysian street food style.

BBQ goose and roast goose is very popular in Hong Kong and this is not that common in Malaysia because of the high cost of the goose. However, the surprising thing about Pudu is there are a few food stalls/restaurants selling roast goose and Chen Chen is one of them.

chen chen BBQ goose pudu owner

The owner is wearing white chef uniform easily be spotted as he prepared the food in the stall. The stall is quite pack during lunch time and the chef is always ready for picture. If you are not a goose lover, there are also BBQ Duck, roast chicken, char siew and others. He will usually recommend some of the other food available.

We love roast goose and preferred it than roast duck because of its taste and texture. Typically, we went to Pudu for lunch and we ordered quarter of the BBQ Goose and a bowl of meat balls.

chen chen BBQ goose pudu rice

For their rice, it slightly different as it is quite exquisite taste. It is not the usual butter rice so it is either you love it or hate it.

chen chen BBQ goose pudu

For the roast goose, we ordered the bottom quarter with the huge drumstick. The skin is crispy and the texture is not as soft as we imagined. The taste is okay but we expected more. Of course this is our own opinion and maybe we didn’t have the ‘better’ goose that lunch.

We felt that it is also slightly expensive to eat here compare to the other places that sells roast goose in the area. Probably they are popular but the roast goose is mediocre in our own opinion. Like we mention earlier, we probably didn’t get the best roast goose that day or just pure of bad luck. Please take note our review is purely on our own opinion and taste bud differs from one to another individual. Nevertheless, if you have the craving for roast goose you can give them a try and tell us your feedback below.

Opening Hours: 10 am to 6 pm daily


Chen Chen Roast Goose Address:

Jalan Seladang,

Off Lorong Yap Hin, Pudu

55100 Kuala Lumpur

Phone: 012-233 3083

GPS: 3.13612, 101.71560


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