February 1, 2023

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Top 9 Malaysia Chinese Travel Blogs You Must Follow

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Top 9 Malaysia Chinese Travel Blogs You Must Follow

There are hundreds or thousands of bloggers in Malaysia. Most of them are lifestyle, beauty and food bloggers. However, they are only a few pure travel bloggers out there. Nowadays, most bloggers want to write travel to get free trips but there are some bloggers who truly passionate about travel writing. For that, I compiled the list of the Malaysia Chinese Travel Blogs.

All of this blogs are active blogs and most of their content are on travel. A few of this blogs are award winning blogs and it is a good mixture of new and ‘veteran’ blogs. Even though I can’t read Chinese but I know Chinese Travel Blogs have many loyal readers.

With the help of some of our Chinese Travel Bloggers, we manage to compile the Malaysia Chinese Travel Blogs List. Here are the Top 9 Malaysia Chinese Travel Blogs You Must Follow


Blogger Sockpeng from Penang is a friend of ours and she enjoys sharing her stories on food and travel. She wrote many travel tips as well as food reviews in her blog. Thus, her blog has won multiple travel blog awards in this few years as well as featured on radio and newspaper. You can follow her travel adventure on her blog at http://Mylovelybluesky.com



Blogger Jean is another friend of ours and we travelled to Thailand together recently for a campaign with a Thailand prominent brand. She enjoys planning her own trips and travel alone as well as with her friends. You can check out her stories on her blog at http://www.j-e-a-n.com/

3.Mint On The Road

Blogger Min Huey was a travel editor for a prominent Chinese travel magazine and she just came back from her working holiday in New Zealand. Her blog is a beauty with many beautiful pictures and stories on New Zealand. If you need tips on New Zealand, you should read her blog now at http://www.mintontheroad.com/

4.J-Sun Mag

Blogger Jason is the popular Jason from top Chinese radio station MyFM. We travelled together to Thailand last year with Tourism of Thailand. He is a friendly, humble and helpful friend and he blogged about lifestyle, travel and food. Read his blog now at http://jsunmag.blogspot.my/


Blogger Joan is a travel enthusiasts and she has been doing many eco-tourism activities. Thus, she visited London recently and you can find many helpful travel tips on her blog at http://www.luvfeelin.com/

6. Estica

Blogger Estica blogs about travel. Her focus is on Thailand like us and she has many helpful travel tips in Thailand you must read. Read more at http://esticalovesfood.blogspot.my/

7. JZ World

We met blogger Duncan last year and he is one of the few bloggers who blogs in Chinese and English. He is an awesome photographer and you can check out many of his beautiful pictures and travel stories in my blog. Read more at http://jzduncan.blogspot.my/

8. Squall’s Cuisine

Blogger Squall started as a food blogger like us. We met him in the blog award ceremony and he is also another award winning blogger. You can find many awesome reviews on food and travel in his blog at http://squallcuisine.com/

9.Valyn Lim

Blogger Valyn Lim is another blogger from Penang. The award winning blogger started as beauty blogger but now focus on blogging about travel. You can check out her stories on travel in her blog at http://www.valynlim.com/

These are the Top 9 Malaysia Chinese Travel Blogs You Must Follow if you can read Chinese. Go follow their blogs and get inspired to travel like us. Thank you for reading!

11 thoughts on “Top 9 Malaysia Chinese Travel Blogs You Must Follow

  1. Majority of their photos are stunning. Too bad, I can’t read Chinese either.
    I have to agree that nowadays, most bloggers write just to get sponsor for free trips but then their contests are not informative and pointless (they tend to put more selfie photos instead).
    My blog used to rant about my lifestyle but lately, I prefer to share my own travel experiences to my friends and readers.

  2. I want to focus on travel too ~ but not always can go travel ..ahaha…so now as a travel & lifestyle blogger …ahaha..Hope one day can do it !!

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