November 29, 2023


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The Durian Ice Cream Shop That Got Listed in Michelin Guide 2016

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The Durian Ice Cream Shop That Got Listed in Michelin Guide 2016

There is one dessert shop in Macau selling our favourite durians flavours such as D24 and Musang King. It was called Gelatina Mok Yi Kei and now it is better known as Gelatina Musang Mok Yi Kei.

gelatina musang mok yi kei michelin guide

It is a dessert shop with history of over 80 years. Started as a food stand selling toast, it is located on Rua do Cunha in Vila da Taipa selling serradura and durian ice cream. Of course, you can also find pudding, jellies and mango pomelo sago.

gelatina musang mok yi kei rua do cunha
Gelatina Musang Mok Yi Kei in Rua Do Cunha. Spot the queue.

We went there a few years ago and there were no D24 and Musang King but recently they added the two.

gelatina musang mok yi kei menu
Gelatina Musang Mok Yi Kei menu

What is D24 and Musang King durians?

Both of them are different variety of durians. D24 has slight bitter sweet taste and Musang King comes with strong flavour with slight orange yellow flesh. Musang King is one of the most expensive durians in Malaysia and it was the king of durians before the title goes to Black Thorn (another variety of durian).

Of course, D24 and Musang King durians are originated from Malaysia and not everywhere else in the world. If you have eaten D24 or Musang King durians in Singapore, they are imported from Malaysia and same goes to the durian stalls in Hong Kong or China.

Hence, Gelatina Musang Mok Yi Kei got listed under the Michelin Guide Macau 2016 Street Food List this year. For a dessert place, it is a big achievement and we should be proud as they are selling our top durian flavours.

gelatina musang mok yi kei durian ice cream
Gelatina Musang Mok Yi Kei Durian Ice Cream

We tasted their normal durian ice cream a few years back and it was good but not the best. To be fair, we didn’t taste their new D24 and Musang King flavour and of course that will taste better.

The dessert place is often packed with tourists in Rua do Cunha. On top of their popular durian ice cream, we recommend you to taste their Serradura (a Portuguese dessert).

Imagine if there is a Michelin Guide in Malaysia, wonder how many durian ice cream places will get listed?

If you are traveling to Macau, remember to visit Rua do Cunha and they are located on the corner shop of number 9. You can spot the long queue with the huge sign board of Gelatina Musang King Mok Yi Kei.

Gelatina Musang Mok Yi Kei Opening Hours:
7.00am till 11.00pm (daily)

Gelatina Musang Mok Yi Kei Address and Contact:

9, Rua do Cunha, Taipa.
Tel: +853 2882 5440


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