April 2, 2023

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Falls Creek Alpine Resort: Winter in Victoria

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Falls Creek Alpine Resort: Winter in Victoria

Someone asked me about winter in Australia recently. That’s why are going to re-share our winter experience again. When you talk about snow, many Asians didn’t know that there are snow in Australia. There are few places for skiing during winter in Australia and Falls Creek Alpine Resort is one of them.

The best picture from our Falls Creek trip.

They are located at the edge of Victoria bordering New South Wales. We visited the place more than 10 years ago just for the snow. We are not a big fan of skiing and overnighting in snow resort has always been our dream.

A very cold day at Falls Creek

We had a car back then so we decided to self drive to Falls Creek and we were staying in Wagga Wagga NSW.

Rachel on the snow mobile

This is what we did to save cost. Instead of booking during the peak season, we went one day earlier to book the resort in the off peak season. We saved quite a lot and took the gamble as snow wasn’t that thick. There were no Agoda.com so we had to go to local travel agency to book our resort. Now, you understand the convenience of the Internet and smart phone. Back then, we had to call, walk in and talk to the representatives and pay there. Now you can do everything online.

Chairlift was closed.

It was a slow drive as we had an old car but we reached Falls Creek during late afternoon. The snow was thick and the view was amazing and we didn’t take any pictures of it.

We can’t see the peak. The visibility was low.

The next day, the whole area turned whitish and it was snowing quite heavily. The sky turned white and it blocked the peak and the visibility was low.

Rachel on the chair lift (it is not moving), just for the picture

Words can’t describe the pain of the chill and coming from Malaysia, we never experienced snow before. However, it was a fun and memorable experience. With the bad weather, no skiing was allowed so we walked around.

Rachel in front of one of the resorts in Falls Creek.

We stayed at the budget resort and they offered complimentary hot chocolate for everyone.

Sign says ‘No Tabogganing’
Have to cover my face as it was too cold.

It was a really fun and memorable stay at Falls Creek Alpine Resort. We will do it again one day for sure. If you never been to skiing, Falls Creek is one of the places you should visit.

A beautiful black and white picture taken at Falls Creek.

Falls Creek Winter Season Dates:

Usual Opening – Early June

Usual Closing – Late Sept

There are no fixed dates as no one can predict the weather. With global warming, it is harder to predict the season. Do check out their website for more info and booking. We hope this will help you in planning your next trip to Australia during winter season for snow and skiing.

Self drive to Falls Creek, slippery but fun.

*A gentle reminder the pictures taken are from scanned from photographs and taken more than 10 years ago. We heard Falls Creek is prettier now. Thank you. 


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