December 8, 2023


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Ko Kho Khao Phang Nga: Hula Beach

Phang Nga is located right next to Phuket and there are not many people travel to this part of Thailand. Usually you can find many Westerners chilling in this area but not many Asians. There are few places you can visit and stay in Phang Nga, Khao Lak or Ko Kho Khao. Khao Lak is a quiet beach side town while Ko Kho Khao is a small island off the main land.

ko kho khao hula beach placesandfoods

You can drive to Ko Kho Khao as there are transport ferry and it is quite cheap. There are a few beaches and probably a couple of resorts. We went to a few beaches and one of them is the Hula Beach.

ko kho khao hula beach long pine trees

The beach is surrounded by tall pine trees and it creates a beautiful scenery that captured our attention. It was noon and we had lunch in a small restaurant by the beach side.

ko kho khao hula beach long pine trees top view

The sun was blocked by the tall trees and we were shaded by the heat. Furthermore, the wind is strong.

ko kho khao hula beach pine trees with white sand

The beach is powder like and the beauty is you can spot many tourists here. We heard there is a nude beach nearby but not Hula Beach. It is not surprised as not many people know about this place and only Western tourists were spoted.

ko kho khao hula beach long pine trees and beach

The sky wasn’t that blue but if you dream of having a quiet beach vacation, Ko Kho Khao is one of the ideal location in Thailand.

The best way to go to Ko Kho Khao is to fly to Phuket International Airport and take a two hours of drive to the jetty and take a ferry of fifteen minute and you will reach the island. Subsequently, you can self drive from Malaysia and recommend you to overnight either in Krabi or Trang before you drive to Ko Kho Khao.

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