May 21, 2024


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Piley Bay Krabi: Crystal Clear Turquoise Water

Krabi is one of the cheapest places to travel in Thailand. You can fly direct to Krabi via AirAsia or self-drive. We travelled to Krabi four times so far and our first time was in 2003. Unlike other popular destinations in Thailand, Krabi is more laidback, quiet and blessed with some of the most beautiful islands in the country. Nightlife in Krabi is very low key unlike the vibrant Soi Bangla in Phuket.

pileh bay boats scenery

There are three popular island tours in Krabi, the Unseen Four Island tour, Don Phi Phi Lay Island tour and Hong Island Tour. We did the first two island tour and will go back again for the Hong Island Tour. This is not the same Hong Island tour in Phang Nga.

piley bay clear water with boat

Piley Bay is one of the highlights of the Don Phi Phi Lay Island Tour. You can read the complete review at Don Phi Phi Lay Island Tour.

piley bay clear water turqoise colour

There is no snorkelling at this bay but you get to see the beauty of nature here. Crystal Clear Turquoise Water and you can see the sea bed with naked eye. The water here is shallow and there are not many corals here. Maybe that is the reason why there is no snorkelling activities here.

piley bay clear water see though

Strangely the colour of the sea here is turquoise in colour. The light green colour sea water is so clear you can see fish swimming around.

piley bay clear water with speed boat

The Don Phi Phi Lay Island Tour is a must do tour in Krabi. You can check out the travel agents in Aonang beach as they offer very competitive rates. The rates depend on tour operator and also the type of the boat. Speed boat costs more. The best time to visit Krabi is at the end of the year and usually it is monsoon in the middle of the year. We hope this will help you plan your next trip to Krabi.



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