January 31, 2023

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Kolok Nameless Chicken Rice: Food for Breakfast in Kolok Town Narathiwat

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Kolok Nameless Chicken Rice: Food for Breakfast in Kolok Town Narathiwat

Kolok or Golok is the border town in Narathiwat Thailand near Rantau  Panjang of Kelantan Malaysia. The small town is vibrant at night and often visited by Malaysians who staying in Kelantan and Terengganu. Since there is no entertainment allowed in Islamic state of Kelantan, many prefer to visit Kolok during weekends.

You can easily spot the chicken rice shop.

Kolok is usually quiet and peaceful in the morning. The question is where to find a good breakfast in Kolok? Thus, by the help of our friends who regularly visited Kolok there is this nameless Chicken Rice shop that opens early in the morning.

Starts early in the morning.

We did a mistake for not pinpointing the location with our GPS. The location is near Charoenkit Road Soi 2, opposite of Kolok Municipal Market. The shop is number 3 and you should able to see the chicken stall in front of the shop. We can’t find the road in Google Map as this is not a popular town like Bangkok or Phuket. You have find the landmark of Kolok Municipal Market.

This is the ‘typical’ chicken rice, Hainanese style and they usually sell ‘siew yok’ (roasted pork) too. Unlike in Malaysia, we have it with ‘char siew’ too.

Boneless chicken and siew yoke.

They usually deboned the chicken and put it in a huge plate with siew yok and chicken liver. Topped it with parsley and compliment it with spring onion.

Their version of chili sauce is chopped cock eye chilli and garlic with generous amount of sauce. We didn’t try it as we still prefer the usual blended chili sauce.

The taste of the chicken is pretty good especially with their fragrant rice. The food prices here are reasonable too.

We noticed that there are many other stalls selling chicken rice as breakfast in Kolok too. Maybe it is the local’s breakfast here. Remember to try this chicken rice shop when you are in Kolok.

Kolok Nameless Chicken Rice Address and Location:

Near Charoenkit Road, Soi 2, Sungai Golok, Narathiwat, 96120, Thailand

(opposite Kolok municipal market)



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