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Koh Panyee Island Football Field Visit: Thai Ad Inspired

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Koh Panyee Island Football Field Visit: Thai Ad Inspired

Koh Panyee Island is a fishing village in the province of Phang Nga. The island shot famed when a TMB created a TV ad based on their football team. Since the island is very small, it is almost impossible for them to have a football field. However, the football team went against the odds and become one of the top football teams in Southern Thailand. Watch the video below and you will understand more.

After watching the TV Ad, you will wonder is this place real or even exist or merely fiction? Thus, when we travelled to Khao Lak in Phang Nga, we decided to visit Koh Panyee Island together with the famous James Bond Island.

koh panyee fishing village view
Koh Panyee Island.

The settlement started in late 18 centuries by nomadic Malay fishermen. From two families, the Java descendent have now expanded to 360 families or 1685 people. That’s why you can spot this beautiful mosque in the middle of the island.

koh panyee football field village view
The mosque in Koh Panyee

We had lunch there but most important of all, we went to see the famous football field. There are two football fields. The smaller one is a created by floating platform outside of the Panyee school.

koh panyee football field
The floating football field!
koh panyee football field island view
The goal post and the sea.

At first we thought that is the football field but the real football field is located within the school compound.

koh panyee real football field in school full view
Koh Panyee actual football field.

The pitch is made of concrete and it is smaller than the actual field. Probably similar size to a futsal pitch. It is similar to the concrete football fields in Hong Kong where land is limited.

koh panyee real football field panyee fc
Panyee FC Football Field.

In conclusion, the TMB Thai Ad is real and inspired by actual event and not fiction. We are happy to be here to step on this famous football field. The food here is pretty good and you can request for a pit stop here if you are planning to visit James Bond Island in Phang Nga.

This tour is sponsored by Casa De La Flora.

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