December 6, 2023


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The Shinkansen E7 Bento in Tokyo Station Japan Review

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The Shinkansen E7 Bento in Tokyo Station Japan Review

On our recent trip to Japan, we sat the Shinkansen train from Tokyo Station to Tazawako Station on the special ‘komachi’ service. It is the fastest shinkansen in Japan, the E6 series. As much as our excitement sitting the shinkansen for the first time, there is something you need to buy when you are at the Tokyo Station. It is the bento (lunch box) or better known as ‘Ekiben’.

tokyo station e7 shinkansen bento
The Shinkansen E7 Bento

If you know the culture of Japan, they tend to beautify their food for the better appearance and presentation on top of their high demand for quality ingredients. Same goes to their bento, the boxes are packed nicely and there are more than 10 of different types of bento sets available.

tokyo station bento stall
The bento station in Tokyo Station.

The one you should be getting is the Shinkansen E7 Bento. It is the mini replica of JR Hokuriku Shinkansen that started running since March 2015.

tokyo station ekiben bento
Other bento in the shop.

The Shinkansen E7 Bento is not a limited edition but since the cover looks like the real train, you can keep it for souvenir. The Shinkansen E7 Bento is selling at 1,300 Yen last year, we hope they didn’t increase the price this year.

jr E6 shinkansen
The Shinkansen E6 Series.

Don’t expect a lavish meal but just simple and good Japanese sushi with fried food. It is well packed and the portion is nice for one. You will definitely love it.

Jr bento e7
The Shinkansen E7 Bento

If you don’t like the Shinkansen E7 Bento, there are also many other types of bentos available and there are some seafood bento (pork free) for our Muslim friends.

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