January 27, 2023

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AirAsiaX Set To Fly to Istanbul and Barcelona?

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AirAsiaX Set To Fly to Istanbul and Barcelona?

We all know AirAsiaX set to fly back to Europe. After terminating their flights to London and Paris from Kuala Lumpur, the award winning budget airlines is set to fly back to Europe but as many speculating London and Moscow, there could be a big surprise for us. From the report of various aviation websites yesterday, AirAsiaX will be flying to Istanbul and Barcelona from the end of this October! Yes, you are reading it right, AirAsiaX will be flying to Istanbul and Barcelona.

According to http://www.routesonline.com/news/38/airlineroute/268351/airasia-x-returns-to-europe-from-oct-2016/ , AirAsiaX D7001 will fly from KLIA2 to Istanbul for a stopover before flying to Barcelona and the return flight is D7002.

D7001 KUL1000 – 1500 IST 1630 – 1920 BCN 330 D

D7002 BCN2050 – 0120+1 IST 0250+1 – 1930+1 KUL 330 D

We are not sure whether you can do layover at Istanbul but if you check the timing properly, coming back will be a huge pain as D7002 will reach Istanbul at 1.20 am and you will need for to wait an hour and half before flying back at 2.50 am to Kuala Lumpur. The good news is the flight is in the evening so you can see more of Barcelona before back to Malaysia. Thus, the airport is quiet near the city as we travelled to Barcelona a few years ago.

Barcelona’s iconic Sagrada Familia.
In Nou Camp Stadium watching Messi playing for Barcelona FC.

If this is true, then everyone can fly to Barcelona from Malaysia and the big question how cheap is air fare and how Qatar Airways will respond to this. If there will be a price war then it will benefits the consumers in the end. So let’s hope that AirAsiaX will fly to Barcelona and Istanbul so everyone can fly to both amazing cities!


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