February 9, 2023

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TRANSFORMERS Combiner Wars Series Pack (Menasor) by Hasbro: Stunticons Are Back

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TRANSFORMERS Combiner Wars Series Pack (Menasor) by Hasbro: Stunticons Are Back

Thank you for supporting our recent parenting stories and we got our first toy review for our boys. This is relevant for many kids out there including me. What we have is the TRANSFORMERS Combiner Wars Series Pack Menasor from Hasbro.

TRANSFORMERS Combiner Wars Series Pack (Menasor)

Since I am a huge TRANSFORMERS fan, let me explain the origin of this combiner, the Menasor. The creation of Stunticons is not coincidence as the evil Decepticons are no match of Autobots in terms land assault. Most of the Decepticons are capable of flying but they do not have the ground offensive team to take out the Autobots especially Optimus Prime. Thus, Megatron introduced five vehicles called Stunticons and they combined as a combiner character called Menasor. This sparks the race of creating more combiners in the series. To counter Menasor, the Autobots created the Aerialbots to form the mighty Superion. Both of them are natural enemies in the TRANSFORMERS G1 (Generation One) Series.

The Vintage Combiners Defensor, Menasor and Abominus

I have the original Menasor and it costs me quite a lot to buy it from Ebay. Of course the vintage G1 has less articulation but similar to the cartoon and most parts are made from metal. The vintage G1 Menasor is at least 25 years old and it is still available in the market but very pricey. For those who still wants Menasor without paying the high price, the Combiner Wars Menasor is the answer for you.

It comes with a massive box and it looks gorgeous! There are six Decepticons in the huge box and it comes also with a huge envelope. The envelope comes with a huge Menasor poster, Menasor card and also an instructions manual on how to transform and combine the Bots together.

TRANSFORMERS Combiner Wars Series Pack (Menasor) back of the box

The Stunticons are larger than the original and the designs are different too. This is an adaptation and not the 100% copy of the original but it still maintained the characters of the original Menasor.

TRANSFORMERS Combiner Wars Series Pack Menasor Manual

Let’s play!

TRANSFORMERS Combiner Wars Series Pack Menasor

The Stunticons in vehicle mode.

TRANSFORMERS Combiner Wars Series Pack Menasor Stunticons in vehicle mode

With the help of the manual, you can easily transform the vehicle to robot mode. The build is impressive, articulation is good and it is quite easy to transform. The colours and the details are impressive.

TRANSFORMERS Combiner Wars Series Pack Menasor vehicle mode.

If you know how the combiner play pattern works, the Bots that are the limbs can interchange depending on your liking. Transforming to Menasor will take some effort but the end result is fruitful. Thus, we like the head of Menasor and how tough it looks.

TRANSFORMERS Combiner Wars Series Pack Menasor Stunticon Robot Mode

Menasor never looked better and this is really the ‘true’ menace looking gigantic Decepticon. It can stand easily and I like how they design the ‘interlocks’ of the arms and legs so that it can stand steadily and pose. In short, we are impressed with this Combiners Wars character by Hasbro.

TRANSFORMERS Combiner Wars Series Pack Menasor Robot Mode. This really looks awesome!

Please take note that the TRANSFORMERS Combiners Wars series packs are advisable for Kids above ages 8 years. However, there are still many TRANSFORMERS fans including the old ones from G1 who are into this. Instead of letting your kids play with gadgets, why not get them this and let them play and transform the vehicles into a gigantic Bot – a test of their creativity and problem-solving skills. The TRANSFORMERS Combiner Series Menasor is also a good collectible item as well for your TRANSFORMERS collections.

TRANSFORMERS Combiner Wars Series Pack Menasor Poster

Menasor is one of the most popular combiners in TRANSFORMERS. He is also one of the most sought after combiners for the toy line. Our advice is to get it first as it is usually SOLD OUT fast. This is another awesome TRANSFORMERS toy produced by Hasbro. The TRANSFORMERS Combiner Wars are available in Toys R Us and most departmental stores’ toys section!

14 thoughts on “TRANSFORMERS Combiner Wars Series Pack (Menasor) by Hasbro: Stunticons Are Back

  1. Wow ! A lot of transformer you have . I’m not a fan of it but I know the awesome feeling when you own a collection of your favourite stuff !

  2. Not a fan of Transformers or understand what it is all about. However, from a collector’s point of view, I do like what you have.

  3. OMG, the transformer is cool and I like it. I have bumblebee. i am transformer supporter.

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