December 7, 2023


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Malindo Air New Routes to Chiang Mai and Taipei

Competition is always good for consumers. Ladies and gentlemen, Malindo Air is set to fly to Chiang Mai and Taipei from Kuala Lumpur. This is definitely good news as there are limited direct flights to Chiang Mai from Kuala Lumpur. For Taipei, we have no complains as this will bring a healthy competition and cheaper air fares.

malindo new routes

Both destinations are exciting in our opinions as we loved to travel to both cities. We enjoyed ourselves every time we travel around Chiang Mai and same goes to Taipei.

When is Malindo Air flying to Chiang Mai and Taipei?

For Taipei, Malindo Air set to fly daily from 10th September 2016. We went to do a random search and check how cheap is the fare.

malindo taipei

With their economy promo, the air fare to Taipei from KLIA is only RM 641.38 inclusive of travel insurance, luggage and meal. The price is definitely ‘cheap’ and competitive in our own opinion. If you are planning to visit Taipei, this is the real deal.


For Chiang Mai, Malindo Air set to fly daily from 30th October 2016. We also did a random search and check how much is to fly to Chiang Mai.

malindo chiang mai

Don’t be surprised if the airfare to Chiang Mai is more expensive to Taipei. The route to Chiang Mai is limited and competitive. The airfare is priced at RM 740.38 inclusive of travel insurance, 30kg luggage and meal. Please take note that it is smarter to buy travel insurance if you don’t have one. Just our advice.

Like we mentioned, we love both Chiang Mai and Taipei and what’s better when there is a new airline giving a competitive air fares which benefits travellers like us. For more info, please check out their Malindo Air website at

This is not a sponsored post and we prefer to write informative and useful travel stories for our readers.

Please take note that Malindo Air flies from KLIA for Kuala Lumpur and NOT KLIA2. Thanks.

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