April 1, 2023

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The Most Beautiful Island in Thailand Is Closed!

There are many beautiful islands in Thailand. However, the most beautiful island in the country is no other than Koh Tachai. Located in Similan National Park, the island is known as the virgin island by the locals. Thus, it is also more popular known as the most beautiful island in the country. A few months ago, a decision was made to close the island until further notice.

Why is Koh Tachai Closed?

Since Koh Tachai is opened for tourist, the numbers grew to hundreds daily. The pristine beach and environment has taken the toll with the high volume of tourists daily. With its natural beauty, Koh Tachai is a popular tourist destination for both Thais and foreign tourists. The decision for the authorities to close the island now is to save it before it is too late. It is a very bold move to conserve the island so it can return to its pristine condition.  Luckily we went last year to Koh Tachai as it is now closed for good.

The white sandy beach in Koh Tachai.

Maybe Koh Tachai will reopen next year, a few years later or a decade later. If it reopens again, make sure you visit the island asap as it is worth every penny to visit.

You can check out our experience in Koh Tachai at Tachai Island Similan: The Virgin Island in Thailand




21 thoughts on “The Most Beautiful Island in Thailand Is Closed!

  1. Sad to learn that such beautiful place is closed. hope they will reopen soon so we can appreciate the mesmerizing view.

  2. They really look nice from the photos taken by u
    hope the tourist will take more care of the beach
    and also wish to visit it, when they reopen
    hopefully they reopen >.<

  3. I wish to go there ..The place looks so beautiful ! Too many island at Thailand already ..i need to explore one by one ..haha

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