November 29, 2023


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Pokemon Go Is Officially Available in Malaysia

It is official and the wait is over! You can download Pokemon Go now legally at Google Play Store or Apple Store from your smartphones and iPhones. We got the email confirming that Pokemon Go is finally available in Malaysia. The wait is finally over, hell yeah!

pokemon go

If you read our previous story on how to download Pokemon Go via the apk file, you won’t be banned and you still can play but you need to update the app.


Since it is available today, many of our friends are busy become Pokemon Masters and we have already levelled up to Level 5 already.


Please take note of you surrounding while playing Pokemon Go and please don’t drive to play this game as it is really dangerous. We hope you enjoying Pokemon Go and remember to follow us on Instagram at

How to Install Pokemon Go in Malaysia:

Google Play: 



Enjoy Pokemon Go everyone and catch ‘em all!

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