October 2, 2023


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Travel Alert in Singapore as Zika Virus Cases Increases

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Travel Alert in Singapore as Zika Virus Cases Increases

For the past few days, our Facebook timeline is filled with Zika Virus stories in Singapore. The cases of Zika Virus had increased to 56 cases so far on 30th August 2016. Well from the newspaper report from Straits Times, there could be more cases in the upcoming days.

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So if you are planning to travel or family travel to Singapore, you should know that currently there are Zika Virus cases in Singapore and it could be still rising. If you are not sure what is Zika Virus, you can read 6 Things To Know About Zika Virus.

With the daily increase new cases of Zika virus in Singapore, there are three countries that issued travel alerts to the Lion City. They are UK, Australia and Taiwan and there might be more to follow.

We hope you understand the risk of Zika Virus and also consider your plans to travel to Singapore wisely. The cases are still on isolated locations in the country and not in tourist attractions or high density areas.  Just get some mosquito patches if you travel around Singapore. At the moment, there are no known cures to Zika Virus.

Please take not that there are NO CASES of Zika Virus cases in Malaysia and Thailand at the moment.



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