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Musang Queen Durian Review

When there is a king, there should be a queen. Same goes to Musang King Durian. Apparently, there is a Musang Queen Durian. We have been posting many durian stories and why not we go and check out what is this Musang Queen Durian is all about?

musang queen

We went to Sinnaco Durian Specialist (again) in SS19 as we want to understand more durian types. Since they are a wholesaler to many durian stalls and also AEON supermarket, they carry many different types of durians. The one we are looking is Musang Queen.

musang queen durian shape

We spoke to John, the owner of Sinnaco Durian Specialist and he told us that Musang Queen is actually the old ‘teka’ durian or also known as Green Bamboo or some even named it as D160.

The shape of the Musang Queen is a bit odd. Even the characteristic is similar to Musang King such as the ‘pyramid’ thorn and also the ‘stars’ at the bottom of the fruit, the shape is kind of weird. The one we chose is quite long in shape like a pear.

musang queen durian flesh

If you watch the video, you find many tastes in Musang Queen. However, we felt that it is very strong in bitter taste with hints of sweetness. The taste is exquisite and it is stronger or more ‘kau’ than the normal teka. The texture is creamy and it is quite filling. If you like teka, you can always give this a try as this is quite uncommon.

Musang Queen Durian flesh texture

According to John, Musang Queen is rated number behind Musang King and they are originated from Raub Pahang. So now we have Musang King and Musang Queen and we are sure there will be Musang Prince and Musang Princess coming soon.

You can find Musang King and Musang Queen at Sinnaco Durian Specialist. Musang Queen is selling at RM 38 per kg at the time we tasted the durian. Please take note that the price of the durian jumps like the exchange rates so please do ask the current rate and also the availability. There are also dozens of different types of durian in Sinnaco Durian Specialist such as Pearl, Golden Phoenix, Orang Asli, Export Grade Musang King and many more.

Drop by at their shop at No 60, Jalan 19/3, Seksyen 19 and we recommend you to call them first or check out their availability on their Facebook Page at

Sinnaco Durian Specialist Address:

No, 60, Jalan 19/3, Seksyen 19, 46300 Selangor, Malaysia

Phone: +60 3-7960 2600


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