January 27, 2023

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Padar Island Hiking Experience in Komodo National Park

Padar Island is one of the islands in Komodo National Park of Labuan Bajo, Flores Indonesia. It has one of the most scenic and breath taking view of the area. If you search online, this is the best place to hike in Labuan Bajo.

To go to Padar Island, you need to stay in Labuan Bojo. Flying to Labuan Bojo is easy from Bali. Padar Island is 90 minutes of speed boat ride from Labuan Bajo port.

Cruising to Komodo National Park from Labuan Bajo port.

The cruise to Padar Island is smooth and not as the sea waves were not choppy as we expected.  We find the islands here are quite unique as most islands are brown in colour due to its dry land. You can only find handful of trees on the island due to the hot weather in this part of world.

Padar Island and we are going to hike the hill on the most left.

The sun is scorching hot and remember to apply sun block when you are here. We got really tanned by spending a few days venturing around the islands here. If you don’t want to hurt your skin, get sunblock over 100 SPF or you will have really burned skin especially on your shoulder, neck and hands.

Changing to a smaller boat to the island.

Once we reached Padar Island, we warmed up for the hike. We changed to a small boat and sailed to the shore so we didn’t get our shoes wet. Remember to have a proper shoe (at least) for the hike. We would rate the hike as moderate (medium).

Let’s hike the hill. Check out how steep is the path and also how sandy and rocky it is.

The hike to the top of the hill is not easy (but not impossible). The path to the top is steep and the path itself is slippery. It is a natural path with many small rocks and sands. You need to take small steps to hike safely.

Lovely view of the other side of the island.

It took me almost an hour to reach to the peak of the hill. We did a few stops in between to take pictures as well as catching our breath.

Our friend @pinaytraveljunkie is hiking up.

The view from the top is breath taking and it reminds me of the view of Wineglass Bay of Tasmania Australia. Of course Wineglass Bay is huge and more green.

The view for hiking to the top.

You get to see three beaches on this island. The beach at the back is a pink beach. We were told that there are four pink beaches in this area.

With @nicootan posing on top of the hill of Padar Island.

We spent some time on the peak watching the view as well as feeling the breeze from the wind of the sea. The tiredness of the climb will go away when you reached the top. It is a small achievement with prize of the glory view. Don’t celebrate the triumph of the hike soon as going downhill is twice harder than the hike.

Mandatory selfie of successful hike.

Again, a gentle reminder to wear proper shoes for the hike as well as things to bring such as small towel and water.

(We mentioned the island wrongly as Rinca Island but this is Padar Island, our bad)

Going downhill is a bigger task due to the slippery path (due sands and small rocks). Please descent slowly with small steps as you can easily slip down, we kid you not.

Going down hill is not easy!

It took me a while to go downhill as we were slow but steady. One of our friends slipped and hit his back. He was rushed to hospital for screening with no big injury spotted. Thus, better be safe than sorry.

Slow steps going downhill.

Overall the hike wasn’t easy but it is not impossible. Take it easy and you will get to the top. The view is magnificent and definitely worth the visit. Not forgetting the crystal clear water if you want to snorkel.

The most popular attraction in Labuan Bajo is visiting the Komodo Dragons so Padar Island is considered the side show of this region. Hence, we felt that they are equally experience rewarding and memorable. Open your eyes and spread your wings to discover new places like Labuan Bajo in Indonesia. It is more than meets the eye.
What to bring for Padar Island hiking?

Wear a proper shoe and preferable hiking shoes. Strictly no sandals and the locals hike without anything.

Apply sunblock with SPF 100 and above as it is really hot in Komodo National Park Labuan Bajo. You can also bring after sun gel after the hike.

Get a small towel or extra shirt to change if you want to.

Drink lots of water to keep your hydrated. This is really important and don’t be lazy.

Snorkel gears for snorkelling near the island.

How to go to Padar Island?

To go to Padar Island, you need to stay in Labuan Bojo. Flying to Labuan Bojo is easy from Bali. Padar Island is 90 minutes of speed boat ride from Labuan Bajo port. Padar Island is one of few attractions in Komodo National Park Labuan Bajo.

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