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Saphan Phut Memorial Bridge Night Market in Bangkok

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Saphan Phut Memorial Bridge Night Market in Bangkok

If you think you have venture to all the night markets in Bangkok, oh well you have to really catch up. So far we have more than 10 night markets in our list and we will blog about it soon by this month. We went to Bangkok five times this year and try our best to find all the night markets in Bangkok. On our recent trip to the capital of Thailand earlier this month, we found a popular local night market. There is one of night markets in Bangkok which is least popular with tourists. In fact, you don’t find much information on this night market. The name of this night market is called Saphan Phut or Memorial Bridge night market. The night market basically located below the Memorial Bridge and that’s how they get the name.

saphan phut

It is located right at the center of old Bangkok in front of Wat Ratchaburana Ratchaworawihan (Wat Liap). The exact address is Wang Burapha Phirom, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200, Thailand (GPS Coordinate: 13.741523, 100.498555).

saphan phut night market wat liap
The night market is located next to Wat Liap.

Many locals know about this night market because it is one of the pioneer night markets in the city. It has been around for more than 15 years as we were told. Originally it was more like a flea market but now it is similar to other night markets. We did see some of the 2nd hand stalls here but they are only a handful of them.

saphan phut night market street
Unlike other night markets, they are located by the roadside.

There are probably two to three streets of stalls in Saphan Phut night market. You can find stalls selling clothes, fashion accessories, food stalls as well as other small items.

saphan phut night market shoes and shirts
You can check out the prices of the items here, relatively cheaper.

By the way this night market is next to the Chao Phraya river. You can spot the river easily as it is under the Memorial Bridge.

saphan phut night market memorial bridge
This is the memorial bridge and the night market is just right below it.

You only find locals shopping here and it is best to visit this place from 8pm. The prices here probably slightly cheaper than other night markets and maybe that’s why you find many locals shopping here.

saphan phut night market men shirt
Want to shop for some real cool and cheap T-Shirts?
saphan phut night market leather
You can also find stalls like this selling leather goods and other accessories.
saphan phut night market ladies shoes
Shoes for thoughts?
saphan phut night market barber
This might be a real good barber, look at that queue?
saphan phut night market ladies cosmetics
There are plenty of things to shop for ladies.

Overall, there are not many that stalls here. Probably around less than 100 stalls spanning across a few streets. What we liked about this night market is it is not that commercialised. We can say 99% of the crowd here are locals and so the prices of the things here are cheaper. You can find replicas here and also many similar items on other market. We bought some T-Shirts for our kids here and it is value for money. If you are staying in Old Bangkok, you can consider this night market on top of Chinatown. Come for some light shopping and experience, this is Bangkok!

saphan phut night market bikini
You can get your Pokemon bikinis here too!

They open daily except Mondays and Wednesdays from 7pm till midnight. We recommend to visit them after 8pm.

How to go to Saphan Phut Night Market:

The only way to visit Saphan Phut or Memorial Bridge night market is by taxi. We do recommend you to take Uber or Grab. The old Bangkok is pretty bad in traffic so some taxis are reluctant to go there. The nearest place of attraction is Wat Ratchaburana Ratchaworawihan (Wat Liap) and it is 15 minutes away to Chinatown or Yaowarat. Hope this will help you to get to Saphan Phut night market.

saphan phut night market with bridge

Saphan Phut Address and GPS Coordinate:

Wang Burapha Phirom, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200, Thailand

GPS Coordinate: 13.741523, 100.498555

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