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Airbnb Private Villas with Pool in Port Dickson Lot 1638

Where to stay in Port Dickson? We were looking for a few potential luxury hotels for our family getaway but we had a few mixed reviews from friends who stayed at the property. Thus, we looked at and found private villas with pool in Port Dickson. It is called Port Dickson Lot 1638

Port Dickson Lot 1638

When we saw the pictures of the villas on Airbnb, it is too good to be real. No way there are such beautiful designed villas in Port Dickson. It looks like one of those luxury villas from Bali or Phuket. Thus, we made a contact with the owner and she told us this is a new property built for rental. It is only weeks old and that’s why this is one of the best kept secret and hidden gem of Port Dickson.

Port Dickson Lot 1638 relax

We booked 4 villas, 3 duplexes with 6 rooms and one villa with single room. It was for our family trip and there were 18 of us including children.

Port Dickson Lot 1638 overview
Port Dickson Lot 1638 different types of villas

We had good experiences with Airbnb in the past as when we were traveling in Europe. We stayed in London, Paris and Barcelona with Airbnb and it was really good. However, we did have a bad experience in Penang so we asked lots of questions from the owner before we booked the villa.

Port Dickson Lot 1638 private pool
Port Dickson Lot 1638 swimming pools

What we love about this place is it is private property. There are around 8 to 10 villas and when we booked it during weekdays, there were no one else so it turns to our private villas.

They have maids taking care of the villas as well as security guard at night. There were CCTVs around the area and the owner stayed in one of the villas. This is as safe as it can gets.

Port Dickson Lot 1638 duplex interior
Port Dickson Lot 1638 duplex view

There are a few special villas such as villa with BBQ area, villa with balcony and villa with sea. With our kids, we took the duplex villas near the swimming pool.

Port Dickson Lot 1638 duplex living hall
Port Dickson Lot 1638 living hall

The villas are beautifully designed but the duplex might not be suitable for family with young children. The stairs are beautifully designed but it is not child friendly, you can always book the single story villa.

Port Dickson Lot 1638 duplex single beds
Port Dickson Lot 1638 single beds

The rooms are fully air conditioned except the living hall. There is a flat TV screen with Astro in every villa. Thus, there is also a dining area and there is a fridge, kettle, free mineral water bottles, FREE WIFI, as well as free tea bags and coffee.

Port Dickson Lot 1638 bathroom
Port Dickson Lot 1638 duplex bathroom

The in house maids keep the villas clean daily and that is why the villas are clean and well maintained.

Port Dickson Lot 1638 king size bed
Port Dickson Lot 1638 duplex villa king size bed

For the private swimming pool, it comes with a baby pool too. The beauty is it is the salt water pool and not chlorine pool. We spent most of the time in the pool with our kids and they loved it.

Port Dickson Lot 1638 public area
Port Dickson Lot 1638 chilling area
Port Dickson Lot 1638 microwave and hot water
Microwave, hot water, coffee, tea and music at chilling area.
Port Dickson Lot 1638 chilling area
Port Dickson Lot 1638 public chilling area

If you are not signed with Airbnb, you can do so here with some FREE credits for your next stay. After you signed up, just look for Port Dickson Lot 1638 and you can book with them. Suite rooms are from RM 239++ onwards and duplex villa is from RM 431++.

Port Dickson Lot 1638 day time reflection
Port Dickson Lot 1638 day time
Port Dickson Lot 1638 evening view
Port Dickson Lot 1638 evening view
Port Dickson Lot 1638 night time
Port Dickson Lot 1638 night view

Let me share some family holiday trips. We usually booked during weekdays instead of weekends. If we want to have a peaceful and great time with family, we rather sacrificed our work leaves rather than stuck in heavy traffic, wait for busy restaurants, spent more for accommodation and queue up for attractions just for the sake of weekends. For the time you wasted during weekends, it is not worth the getaway in our opinion. That’s why we always travel during weekdays and non-holidays.

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