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Butter Surry Hills Sydney – Fried chicken, Champagne and Shoes

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Butter Surry Hills Sydney – Fried chicken, Champagne and Shoes

Where can you find fried chicken, champagne and shoes in a restaurant? The answer is Butter in Surry Hills Sydney. The concept of this restaurant is quite unique, their main course is fried chicken, the drink is champagne and it is also a shoe shop. Totally unbelievable. Not forgetting they serve their fried chickens in a shoe box.

butter sydney
Enjoying the champagne in Butter Sydney

On our recent food trip to Sydney, we went around the city to check out some of the best cafes, restaurants and even bars for our blog. One of the most unique lunches we had is Butter. The restaurant started earlier this year and created a buzz on the local food scene due to its unique concept. We are big fans of fried chicken and seriously we never had it with champagne before and that’s why we went to check it out.

butter sydney surry hills
From the outside, Butter looks like a shoe shop with the sneakers display on their glass window.

Butter is located at 6 Hunt Street, Surry Hills in Sydney. There are quite a number of popular restaurants in this suburb. From the glance of the exterior of the restaurant, you probably mistaken it as a shoe shop and they parade various types of sneakers on their glass window.

butter sydney interior
The restaurant was packed during lunch time.

The restaurant is quite compact and it was pretty crowded during lunch time. Try to visit the restaurant early if you can or else you might have to wait.

butter sydney fried chicken shoe box
Butter Size 13, fried chicken comes in the shoe box.

A quick glance at their food menu you can find fried chicken thigh and tenders, sandwiches and fried tofu. We ordered size 13’s which comes with 4 thigh pieces, 9 tenders, 2 sides of pickles, 2 sides of slaw, 3 sauces for $60. Not forgetting you can choose the spiciness of your fried chicken sauces in three levels; OG, fire, hot AF.

butter sydney sauces
Three different types of sauces available.

On top of that, there are three additional types of sauces you can order (for extras) are honey mustard, buttermilk ranch and smoked aioli.

butter sydney slaw and chips
Slaw, chips and pickles.

The Size 13’s comes in a white shoe box. When you open the shoe box, you can find the fried chicken inside. The sides of pickles, slaw and sauces will come separately.

butter sydney fried chicken
The delicious juicy fried chicken.

The fried chicken was deep fried to perfection and we love how they make it to bite size so you don’t have to get messy with your hands. The chicken is crispy on the outside and it is still tender and juicy on the inside. You can enjoy its original taste or compliment it with the sauces.

butter sydney champagne
The bubbly champagne for lunch

We also ordered two flutes of champagnes and it makes the lunch classier. Trust us, it complements the fried chicken well!

butter sydney ceiling
Just look up and check out their cool ceiling

You can check out the shoes available for sale or just enjoy the fried chicken with one hand and champagne flute on the other. We yet to encounter any classier place to eat fried chicken than Butter Sydney. The combination of fried chicken and champagne is pure genius. For more info, visit https://buttersydney.com.au

Butter Sydney Opening hours:

Monday to Thursday 11.30am-10pm

Friday to Saturday 11.30am-11.30pm

Butter Sydney Address:

6 Hunt Street, Surry Hills, Sydney

Tel: +61 (02) 8283 1329 (no bookings)

Flying to Sydney with Singapore Airlines

Our recent trip to Sydney, we flew with Singapore Airlines. Singapore Airlines operates 31 weekly flights to Sydney on their Boeing 777-300ER, Boeing 777-200ER, Airbus A330 and Airbus A380 aircrafts. Thus, must not forget also their KrisWorld inflight entertainment system and top class cabin crew services.

SQ Lounge in KL
SilverKris Lounge in KLIA

We also check out their SilverKris Lounge in KLIA which is reopened recently on 5th February 2016. It is a quiet and comfortable lounge with food, snacks and drinks.

SQ Lounge in KL dining
Snacking at SilverKris Lounge in KLIA

We had a little snack at the SilverKris Lounge while waiting for our Singapore Airlines flight. Thus, we also enjoy the cozy sofas as well as the long tables good for savy and business travellers.

SQ a380 ride selfie
Enjoying my flight in Singapore Airlines in A380. Love the inflight entertainment!

We did a short stop in Changi International Airport Singapore and had some window shopping there. Thus, we did some shopping in Changi International Airport on our way back to Malaysia. There are many things to shop in Changi International Airport

For more info, please visit singaporeair.com/mysydney

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