December 11, 2023


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KitKat Chocolatory Mid Valley and KitKat Nasi Lemak

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KitKat Chocolatory Mid Valley and KitKat Nasi Lemak

Finally, we have our own KitKat Chocolatory in Malaysia. Opened last week, the new KitKat Chocolatory is located on first floor at Mid Valley Centre Court. The KitKat Chocolatory offers limited edition KitKat and you also get to personalised and create your own KitKat.

kitkat chocolatory mid valley
KitKat Chocolatory Mid Valley

There are a few notable limited edition KitKat you can get in KitKat Chocolatory Mid Valley. They are Orange, Pineapple and Crunchy Pecan, Caffe Latte with Cookies & Cream, Banana Nuts, Durian Dark Chocolate and Traditional Nasi Lemak Flavour.

kitkat chocolatory mid valley special edition
Limited Edition KitKat

We tasted the Durian and Nasi Lemak flavoured KitKat and we do find the latter stronger in taste especially the spiciness. The durian flavoured KitKat only comes with scent of the king of fruits, nothing special in our own opinion.

kitkat chocolatory mid valley personalised
Personalised your own KitKat.

You can also personalised your own KitKat based on the types of chocolates you preferred as well as 3 ingredients you want to choose from. There is a Samsung Pad for you to do the personalising process but it will take an hour for them to create your own KitKat. They will make it for scratch and sadly we didn’t have the time to wait so we purchased the Nasi Lemak KitKat.

kitkat nasi lemak
Nasi Lemak KitKat

For 4 bars of Nasi Lemak KitKat, it is priced at RM 12.90. Pricey it is but you can only get it here in KitKat Chocolatory Mid Valley. This is the bragging rights you can have as this is the only Nasi Lemak flavoured KitKat in the world!

How does it taste like? The base is white chocolate with coconut flakes inside and chili flakes and crunched nuts on the outer layer. Well, it is an exquisite taste and it is still sweet. Don’t put so much expectation on this and you will enjoy it. At the end of the day, it is still KitKat so the taste won’t ‘lari’ much lar (is more the less the same).

kitkat nasi lemak malaysia
Nasi Lemak Kitkat

We invested our money on the Nasi Lemak KitKat and probably will taste the others on our next round. This is Malaysia’s first KitKat Chocolatory so it is worth the visit. The Nasi Lemak KitKat can be one of the souvenirs for my overseas friends but don’t keep it warm as it can melt.


KitKat Chocolatory Mid Valley Opening Hours: 10AM–10PM


KitKat Chocolatory Mid Valley Address:

Mid Valley Megamall, F007, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City, 59200 Wilayah Persekutuan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Phone: +60 3-2280 0131

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