June 1, 2023

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Kakunodate Senior High School Visit in Akita

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Kakunodate Senior High School Visit in Akita

It is sort of our childhood dream to visit a senior high school in Japan and our trip to Akita, our dreams come true. We visited the Kakunodate Senior High School part of our education homestay tour and it was sponsored by Wendy Tour and Tourism Akita.

Kakunodate Senior High School in Akita

We watched many Japanese high school TV dramas and also anime from time to time. Thus, we always wonder how does it looks like in a Japanese high school? Is it the same like the things we read in manga (Japanese comic) like Slam Dunk or Yuyu Hakusho? Or it is totally different?

Even before we stepped into the school, we had to change our shoes to their school sandals, how cool is that?

It was summer holiday when we visited Kakunodate Senior High School so there were only summer classes. We were warmly welcomed by the principle together with people from Tourism Akita. We learnt more about the history and also the culture of the senior high school.

Summer class in lecture hall
Kakunodate Senior High School Classroom
Kakunodate Senior High School Corridor

We were given a tour around the school and whenever a student bumped to us or the teachers, they will greet us in a short note. This are manners and they are taught young from school, these polite Japanese culture is something we really admire.

We went around the school and there were many students back to the campus training for their sports. There were a big group of them training on volleyball.

Some are busy practising Kendo. Kendo is a modern Japanese martial art and they use bamboo sword and protective gears.

Kakunodate Senior High School Library

We also checked out their library and also some of their classes.

Kakunodate Senior High School toilet

As expected, their toilets are very clean and like we mentioned, things like this should be taught from young. This is something the schools in Malaysia should learn from them.

Kakunodate Senior High School baseball achievements

The senior high school is very popular with their achievement in baseball. One of the baseball star players in Japan comes from this school and hence they are very focus in baseball. Baseball is a very popular sport in Japan and the pay is really good similar to football. For a senior high school to have such complete facilities for the sport is an eye opener.

Kakunodate Senior High School practising baseball
Kakunodate Senior High School baseball coach

Our visit and tour to the school was around two hours but we have seen and learn quite a lot even for the short visit. It is an eye opener and something different than the usual tours in Japan. This is go back to school, Japanese style!

Kakunodate Senior High School in Akita, Wilson & Yvonne

For more information to visit Kakunodate Senior High School in Akita Japan, visit Wendy Tour Facebook Page athttps://www.facebook.com/wendytour.to.nippon or visit their website at http://www.wendytour.com.my/.

This trip and story is sponsored by Tourism Akita and Wendy Tour.

Kakunodate Senior High School Address:

Japan, 〒014-0335 Akita Prefecture, Senboku, 角館町細越町37

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