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Kanawa Island, The Maldives of Komodo National Park Flores

Labuan Bajo is located in Flores Indonesia. Many might not know the name but it is the closest town to the famous Komodo National Park. There are a couple of islands in this national park and one of them is Kanawa Island.

kanawa island

Kanawa Island is a small located at the border of Komodo National Park. If you want a real island escape, Kanawa Island is the place for you. It is surrounded with crystal clear water and navy blue sea. The island is so pretty and we believe it should be called the Maldives of Komodo National Park Flores.

kanawa island jetty view
The first impression and view from the jetty!

The moment you reached the jetty of the island, you will be impressed by the crystal clear water as well as the white sandy beaches. Another beauty of this island is it is quiet and there were not many people. This is the real island getaway.

What to do on Kanawa Island?

The scenery is out of the world and you can explore the island by walking in an hour. You don’t mind walk around the island as the beaches are white and the view here is magnificent.

kanawa island welcome
Welcome to Kanawa Island.

Take a small hike on the small hill in the middle of the island where you can have the perfect view of sunrise and sunset.

kanawa island girl snorkeling
Snorkeling near the beach on Kanawa Island, Komodo National Park.

Snorkeling is a must and you rent the gears from the Dive Centre. Just snorkel around the beach and the jetty area and you will see many types of tropical fish. Please take note that there are many sea urchins near the jetty so please becareful.

kanawa island see thru corals
View of the sea corals from the jetty!

Relaxing and chilling is the top priority on Kanawa Island. There is no phone line, no internet and limited electricity so this is the place you can free your mind from your work, responsibilities and commitments. You can sun tanning by the beach, read a book or relax and clear your mind. Your body and soul needs a rest and this is the place to do so.

Where to stay in Kanawa Island?

kanawa island beach
The view of the beach, the sea grass and the sea.

There is the Kanawaha Beach Bungalow Resort and they are located in the southern part of the island. The northern part of this paradise is untouched to preserve natural environment. You can check out the rates of the resort at

kanawa island beach view
Crystal clear water on Kanawa Island.

Thus, there are also restaurants on the islands but with limited choices. Please take note things on this island is not cheap as there are limited resources on the island. All the things on the island is specially transported from Labuan Bajo so it is pricey on the island.

When is the best time to come to Kanawa Island?

The peak season for this part of the world is from April to December while the raining season is from January to March.

kanawa island seaweed
Not convinced? Check out the sea grass from my point of view. Kanawa Island is amazing!

How to go to Kanawa Island?

The nearest town is Labuan Bajo and there are daily direct flights from Bali. Then you take a boat ride from Labuan Bajo to Kanawa Island and it takes roughly an hour. This is the best way to get to Kanawa Island.


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