June 16, 2024


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Why do Thais love their King?

Many years ago, we went for movies in MBK Bangkok. While we were watching the movie trailers, a song was played and everyone stood up quietly. That was the first time we saw everyone stood up straight quietly for their national anthem. The song is called Sansoen Phra Barami (สรรเสริญพระบารมี). Thus, it was a memorable experience as we never seen such things before in the cinema. After the movies, we asked our Thai friends the reasons why they love their King so much and all of them gave us the same answer. His Majesty the King’s contribution for the people and the country.

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For seventy years, he has been working hard for the well-being of his subjects in keeping with his Accession Oath to “reign with righteousness for the benefit and happiness of the Siamese people.” The original Thai words are “เราจะครองแผ่นดินโดยธรรม เพื่อประโยชน์สุขแห่งมหาชนชาวสยาม”.

“Nevertheless, it is also the person of the King himself and what he has done which has earned him and the monarchy the love and respect of Thais.

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Since early in his reign, His Majesty the King travelled to all corners of Thailand, reaching the remotest, most dangerous parts, talking to the poor and vulnerable, to understand their ways and problems and find ways to help them. In this regard, he has initiated more than 4,000 Royal Development Projects, in such areas as irrigation, farming, drought and flood alleviation, crop substitution, public health, distance learning, employment promotion and traffic alleviation. These have touched the lives of many Thais – particularly farmers. He has also invented various tools and techniques which have been used for rural development – such as rain-making, soil erosion prevention and water purification. The sufficiency economy philosophy he has conceptualised – which emphasizes moderation, responsible consumption and resilience to external shocks – also provides guidance for individuals and business alike on sustainable living and undertakings as well as developing immunity against economic shocks.” – Source http://www.thailandtoday.in.th

One our Thai friend added that –“His majesty the King had many many many projects to help this country such as he made the rain out of dry ice, milk project for Thai kids, food production industry so the poor people on the mountains can grow veggies and plants rather than opium.”

Today, we are truly saddened by the passing of Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej. His Majesty the King was at the age of 88. We saw many of our Thai friends shared pictures, messages and videos of the late king. Even some of our Malaysian friends paid respect by changing their Facebook profile picture to black. Lastly, we would like to extend our deepest condolences to Her Majesty and the people of Thailand on the passing of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

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