November 30, 2023


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DoctorOnCall Malaysia’s First Online Medical Video Consultation Platform

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DoctorOnCall Malaysia’s First Online Medical Video Consultation Platform

What happen when you are sick or unwell at home and you are too weak to drive to the nearest clinic? Or you have to take care of your babies and it is inconvenient to drive all of them to the nearest clinic? You are unwell at work and not free to see a doctor? Well, now you have DoctorOnCall. DoctorOnCall is Malaysia’s first online Medical Video-consultation platform that combines advanced Video and voice technologies with the medical knowledge and experience of Malaysia’s top doctors & psychotherapist. It is the concept that has been proven successful with millions of patients in US, Australia & Europe being treated through Medical Video-consultation.


DoctorOnCall is available on desktop or mobile at Doctor on call is an online platform via which the patients can talk to the doctor via audio call or video call without traveling and visiting the clinics in person. It is easy to register and the first consultation is FREE.

The platform is supported with over 10 certified doctors in Malaysia so you will be talking to a real doctor in their respective clinics. You have the option to take an audio or video call with the doctor. In case of any reports or any picture you want to share with the doctor, you can attach them after entering your symptoms.

Register, state your symptoms and consult the doctor on desktop or mobile phone.

A doctor will attend your call in a few minutes and you talk to the doctor and the consultation is made, you will receive your prescription via email, if the doctor has prescribed you any medication then you will receive an invoice as well for that.

You can consult the doctor via audio or video.

You can prescribe the medication from DoctorOnCall or you can purchase it in pharmacies. If you prescribed from DoctorOnCall, they will mail the medicine to your doorsteps in hours depending where is your location. You can pay online via online banking, Paypal or Credit card for your medication by following the link in your invoice

DoctorOnCall is from Monday to Saturday and from 8.30 am to 11 pm. You can also make a scheduled appointment with the doctor (fees apply after 6pm and on Sunday).

We do understand there are situations that we are not comfortable or difficult to visit a clinic.

For our case, when one of our boys gotten rashes in certain parts of their bodies (especially private parts), we wanted a professional advice on the matter rather than bringing the boys to the clinic and waiting there for some time. Clinic is not the best place to bring our children to visit as there are many other unwell children there and that is the place where you get the germs and such. Unlike adults, children are easier to get sick.

For hardworking people at work, you have a headache or gastric. You still can work and occupied by day long meetings, you take a quick call on DoctorOnCall and they will send you the medication.

For your information, consultation fees with the doctor is RM 40 per consultation (after the first free consultation) and medicine will be charged separately.

We had our experiences with DoctorOnCall and we loved the concept and its usability. Remember to visit for more information and remember to bookmark their website. This is one website you need to bookmark!







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