January 29, 2023

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The Cheapest Airline To Japan From Malaysia

Which is the cheapest airline to Japan from Malaysia? The answer is definitely not AirAsiaX. How we check anyways? Do we go from one to another airlines website to search? Well, our secret is by using Skyscanner.com. It is a travel search engine (from UK) and it will list the cheapest airlines options either direct or with multi city stops. On top of that, it won’t be expensive booking via Skyscanner as it will land you to the respective websites and they will get the commission from the travel agents and airlines and not us.

Since this year we haven’t been to Japan, we decided to book our tickets to ‘sushi-land’ next year. After camping on AirAsia website for weeks and the prices to Japan is still hovering around RM 800++ (excluding meals, luggages, taxes and all the others), we decided to camp on Skyscanner website as it is easier to check other airlines rates as well. Even though there are many sales stated on AirAsia’s flights to Japan but it is not getting cheaper in any sense. We have gone through two ‘sales’ and the tickets prices didn’t go cheaper at all. If you don’t believe us, you can camp on AirAsia website and check out their deals to Japan.

Check the cheapest by months so it is easier for you to check the rates.

Last week, we rechecked Skyscanner again and we saw new deals to Japan from RM 700++ only. It is from Vietnam Airlines and it is a full fledge commercial airline means it comes with 30kg baggage allowance, meals and inflight entertainment but we have to transit either in Saigon (Ho Chin Minh) or Hanoi. Well, to save that RM 300+ for a few hours of transiting, in our minds why not? Thus, we bought 4 tickets from Vietnam Airlines.

Surprisingly, Vietnam Airlines is the cheapest followed by AirAsiaX and Thai Airways. Please take note that AirAsiaX fares are excluding meals, baggage and other fees.
The airlines websites/travel websites offering the deals.


Now, here is an interesting point. We went to check on the Vietnam Airlines website and it didn’t have the deal like on Skyscanner.

We checked on Vietnam Airlines website and it clearly states that it is over RM 1k per person!

What happened is the deal comes from PYOTravel and Expedia.com via Skyscanner. To our understanding, travel websites like PYOTravel and Skyscanner secured the seats in advance so they still have the seats. This is something a travel search engine like Skyscanner can do!

However, PYOTravel manage to offer cheaper deals than Vietnam Airlines website!

It is interesting to know that Thai Airways is offering quite good deals as well as ANA. If you want to travel cheap and smart, you need the right tools and knowledge to do so. Now, you know our trick in finding cheap airfares traveling to places. Don’t say we bojio.

3 thoughts on “The Cheapest Airline To Japan From Malaysia

  1. i booked my seoul ticket with vietnam airlines too. RM975. The cheapest for Air Asia at that time is RM1050. it’s worth it as it included baggage and meal (4 times). even though muslim meals are not that appetizing, still I ate them all.

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