February 6, 2023

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Henri Charpentier Malaysia Dessert and Cake in Isetan Lot 10

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Henri Charpentier Malaysia Dessert and Cake in Isetan Lot 10

Henri Charpentier finally opens in Malaysia after they opened their outlet in Singapore a few years ago in Demsey Road. Originated in Ashiya City Japan, Henri Charpentier opened its door since 1969. They are also the Guinness Book of Records in the most financiers sold within a period of time.

The Henri Charpentier is a pop-up store located at LG (Lower Ground) Isetan Lot 10, Kuala Lumpur. They sell desserts and cakes. The desserts are imported while the cakes are baked fresh daily.

The Guinness Book of Records Les Financier is available in box sets or individuals. To be frank it is not cheap. It is priced at RM 9.30 for a piece of Les Financier.

Henri Charpentier Les Financier

We did manage to try and taste the Les Financier. The texture is soft and similar to sponge cake. It is sweet on the outer layer and it is quite savoury.

We also bought one of their cakes. When we went there after lunch, most of the cakes are sold out. It was our lucky day as their they still left a few of their top seller Double Cheese Cake. They are sold at RM 53 for one which is less than 1kg (if not mistaken). It is a pretty small cake.

They packed it nicely in a small box with ice pack so I can take it back home.

If you look at the top of the cake closely, you can spot the gold dust. It sparkles. The outer layer of the cake is soft breadcrumbs. The texture of the cake is very soft even though we put it in the fridge.

What is interesting about this cake is there are two layers of cheese. That’s why they called it double cheese cake. The top layer of the cake is non-baked cheese while the bottom layer of the cake is baked cheese. The texture of the top layer is soft like ‘tofu’ similar to Uncle Tetsu style of cheese cake while the bottom layer is strong with cheese flavour. We find the cheese cake taste is just right, soft and the really addictive. Even our parents and the kids loved this. We don’t mind buying this again and again. For more information, visit https://www.henri-charpentier.com/eng/shop/isetan-the-japan-store-kuala-lumpur/

Henri Charpentier Malaysia Address and contact:

Lower Ground Floor,

Isetan Lot 10, Kuala Lumpur

Tel:+60-3-21100604 (Main phone number)

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