June 9, 2023

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Earthquake in Java 5.9 magnitude causes tremors in Bali

Within an hour ago, many people are tweeting earthquake in Bali. There are tremors felt by many people in Bali due to an earthquake in Java.

According to http://earthquake-report.com/2016/11/16/very-strong-earthquake-kepanjen-indonesia-on-november-16-2016/, there is a 5.9 magnitude earthquake in Kepanjen Java in Indonesia. That is the reason why it causes tremors in Bali (and not earthquake).

There will be more aftershocks (usually) and we hope everyone just stay calm. There are no big reports on the earthquake in Java yet.

Even up to a couple minutes ago while we are writing this article, there are still many people in Bali can feel the tremors. Just stay calm and wait for any official reports. So far no mention of tsunami alerts in that part of Indonesia.

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