September 21, 2023


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Ngam Tom Yum Noodles Reopens in One Utama Shopping Mall.

Ngam Tom Yum Noodles is the place to go for those who enjoys authentic Thai food. Their concept is simple comfort Thai food but it is as good as the ones in Thailand. We visited them in their outlet in Bangsar and we loved the food. They are relocated now to One Utama Shopping Mall.

ngam tom yum superbowl

They will be opening next Monday or 21st November 2016. They will be located at One Utama Old Wing S 118. It is near Chatime and Popular Book Store.

ngam bangsar ice milk tea and ice green tea

What we enjoyed most from their menu is the Thai Iced Tea or ‘Chai Yen’. This is the same as the ‘Chai yen’ from Thailand as the cook and one of the owner is Thai.

You can read our previous review at

ngam tom yum superbowl wilson placesandfoods

The menu will be the same with additional one or two dishes. The superstar of the Ngam Tom Yum Noodles will be their Tomyum Noodle (Creamy) Superbowl. Watch the video below and please take note the price of this might change.

If you are looking for authentic Thai food, Ngam Tom Yum Noodles is the place you must visit. The restaurant is a pork free restaurant and see you there.

Ngam Tom Yum Noodles One Utama Address:

S 118, 2nd Floor

One Utama Shopping Mall (Old Wing)

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