January 28, 2023

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Fuku Matcha Kyoto Café is now in Hatyai!

Have you heard of Fuku Matcha Kyoto Café? It is a popular green tea pop up restaurant with dozens of outlets in Bangkok. Now, they have one in Hatyai.

Fuku Matcha Kyoto Café is a Thai food company influenced by the ever tasty matcha (green tea) from Kyoto Japan. They import premium and quality matcha and tea from Kyoto Japan so they can produce the best Matcha tea and desserts. Thus, they offer only fresh milk and non dairy creamer as part of their main ingredient.

The Thais love Japanese food and we blogged so many Japanese cafes and restaurants in Thailand. Fuku Matcha is another good example of selling quality product and food to its customers.

We found Fuku Matcha Kyoto Café by luck. They are located on the 4th Floor of Central Festival Hatyai. They are just next to Freshly Breeze.

They offer matcha and hoji (roasted green tea with rice) tea and ice cream. We ordered the matcha ice cream.

The verdict?

The matcha ice cream is soft with intense green tea flavour. The beauty of it is it is not too sweet. The texture is similar to soft serve and this is very enjoyable. Trust us, it is worth to drive all the way to Central Festival Hatyai for this if you are in town. Don’t forget many other good restaurants in this mall.

Glad to stumble upon this place in Central Festival Hatyai. We spent the whole venturing around the mall, shopping and eating. If you are planning to visit Hatyai, remember to try this Fuku Matcha Kyoto Café in Central Festival Hatyai on the 4th floor. Remember to register for the One Card at the Tourist Information counter (near Uniqlo) for additional discounts and also the card can be used in Central malls all over Thailand. Now, don’t say we bojio!

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/fukumatchathailand/

Fuku Matcha Kyoto Café Hatyai Address:

K408, 4th Floor,

Central Festival Hatyai

Kanchanavanich Road, Hatyai District

Songkhla, Thailand

Website: http://www.centralfestival.co.th/hatyai/en

GPS: 6.99172, 100.48493



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